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    IDE Drive Jumper Setting

    - Have finished my new Win 7/64-bit build now and I've got this new old stock Deskstar IDE drive that I want to use for storage. I just want it to show up as an independent device with a drive letter but wanted to verify which jumper setting and ribbon cable connectors to use. Should it be a...
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    "Smart Media" Card Reader

    Greetings: Will be upgrading to Windows 7 64-bit in the next 6-12 months and am hoping that I will be able to find a card reader for my Olympus C-3000 Zoom digital camera. Olympus America has advised me that this camera will not be supported so my only option is a reader. Been shopping a...
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    Help With New Monitor Setup

    - Would you believe I just bought my first LCD monitor after living with my last CRT for 11 years, but am having a few issues here with tuning it in. It is an Eizo/Nanao model S2433WH Flexscan. I'm use to having an executable file for drivers etc. but Eizo told me that all their monitors are...
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    Re: MS Outlook Compacting Prompt

    For whatever reason as of late I am getting an <span style="font-style: italic">Outlook can compact your mail</span> prompt at start-up. I have always used Netscape/Mozilla integrated mail and am currently using Thunderbird 3.0, but have never used Outlook for my mail at any time. I am running...
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    Calling On Subaru Owners Please?

    Greetings: Am considering a purchase of what will be our first Subaru vehicle, and most likely the Impreza. How is the build quality in general of their automobiles? There is certainly enough of them on the road if you take the time to look! I am mostly interested in the AWD system...
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    Red Line Oil Users In Canada

    Was wondering where Canadian users of Red Line Oil lubricants are buying their products?
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    In choosing a "WS" replacement fluid.......

    ....does the "API 70W/75W/80W and GL-4 gear oil requirement" spec satisfied by the Red Line D6 necessarily make it a better choice than ATL?
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    Brake Fluid Upgrade

    Am considering a change over to the "ATE SL.6" low viscosity brake fluid in our 08 5-speed Toyota. The main reason is to hopefully enhance cold weather hydraulic clutch performance, but it will likely quiet down my squawking ABS as well. I'm wondering if there is any downside to the switch in...
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    "Fleetguard" Filter Observation

    I just purchased a dozen Fleetguard LF3614 oil filters for our 2008 Toyota Yaris. I have never used a Fleetguard product before and the first thing I noticed is that it has a centre tube like no other filter that I have seen. The openings in the tube are more like slits not holes. These slits...
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    Toyota "WS" Fluid Maintenance

    Has anyone had the experience of doing a fluid change involving Toyota's WS fluid on a vehicle without the dipstick? My 06 4.7L 4Runner isn't anywhere near the recommended change interval, but without the dipstick on these 5-speed automatics I am curious on how they intended you to monitor the...
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    Base Oil Confirmation

    Aside from the advertised "100% Synthetic" does anyone have the goods on whether the highest percentage of Motul Eco-nergy 5w-30 is mineral or synthetically based?
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    Looking For VOA/MSDS

    Can anyone direct me to a VOA and/or an MSDS on Motul's "8100 Eco-nergy" 5W-30 and a VOA only on Total Oil's "Quartz Future 9000" 5W-30?
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    Definition of "Synthetic" Question

    Was roaming around the Elf oil site the other day and was curious as to how they classify a "Synthetic". Have been using their Evolution SXR for over a year now but didn't pay any attention to the oil compositon at the time. Just noticed that the Elf products seem to have been superceeded by...
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    Where Has All The Redline Gone?

    Have noticed in the last year or so that the source of Redline motor oil for my 70 351C is no more! Several Canadian Tire outlets within 2 hours of my location aren't carrying it...Newmarket being the furthest away that I've checked. They still have the water wetter and diesel fuel treatment...
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    Are There Any UOA's on these....

    ..Elf high performance lubricants? <a href="" target="_blank"></a> I found an older VOA here but not a lot of info other than that. Was in my local jobber the other day and saw the 5/40 product on the shelf...
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    "06 4Runner Gear Oil"

    Will be changing all orifices over to synthetic gear oil in my 06 4Runner V8 Sport after a short run-in period and depending on ease of acquisition will take an Amsoil or Redline offering. Any opinions on using Amsoil's "Severe Gear" or "Longlife Gear" 75/90 in the diff's? I am wondering...
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    Klotz 4 Stroke Motorcycle Oil

    Anyone with experience/opinions on using Klotz 4 stroke products in a V-twin sharing the engine oil with the transmission. Any wet clutch function issues there also?
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    Victory Motorcycle Brand Oil

    Has anyone had any experience with the engine oil that Polaris Corp. is marketing for their Victory motorcycles? It is a 20w-40 blend and I've seen it offered in a package along with an oil filter. Who makes this oil for them? Would ones money be better spent on other lubricants existing for...
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    Coolant loss

    We aren't talking a whole lot of fluid here. It may just be that the system has purged some air that was left after you changed the coolant and is using a little from the tank now. You could just top it off if you like and watch it to see if the level changes again.
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    Wix Oil Filters

    Are "Wix" oil filters available retail in Canada?