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    Removing stuck bolt from fuel pump

    Can you get a socket and short extension in there?
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    Oil & Common Sense for Small Engines

    Depends on the engine. Our wheel horse tractor with the kohler engine only likes SAE 30. Ive tried 15w40 and 5W40 in it and it used oil. With SAE 30 oil consumption is way less. My snow blower gets 5W40. My pressure washer and push mower get Amsoil 10W30 OPE oil.
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    Any reason I can't use this fuel filter on my truck?

    My 84 runs a 33439 water separator. Same setup that International used on the medium duty trucks. The 86 I just stuck a racor setup on because it was cheap. Got to looking after I got it for replacement elements and they cost more than I paid for the whole setup. So I think it will get a 33439...
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    The tale of gas cans continues

    Absolutely possible when you are pouring gas out because air is going back in the can to replace the volume of fuel. Hence the reason they want a flame arrestor on the spout. I agree with Reddy45. I switched over to Eagle gas cans and won't ever go back to plastic cans.
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    Went from Android to iOS

    Louis is far from a wannabe. He makes his living off of repairing apple products.
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    Went from Android to iOS

    Hah if you think apple cares about your privacy you are dreaming.
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    Really? What are your thoughts?

    If lucas was his fix hes not much of a mechanic in my opinion. I would bet money they were running 5W20 oil. Why not just go up a grade and skip the junk lucas?
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    Breaking Up

    The way the younger generation handles dating is weird to me. Having 3 younger brothers I've seen it often. I've seen it in my age group as well but its not as common I guess. I blame social media and hookup culture becoming the norm.
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    Where do I get a Lincoln Pistol Grip grease gun!!????

    All my Lincoln grease guns have come from ebay. Ive got 3 of them. 2 pistol grips and a pneumatic.
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    How does anyone use the internet with only a phone?

    I'm late to the discussion but I'm 32 and would rather use my desktop for internet than my smart phone. I can type faster on actual keyboard and the computer does what I want it to do. Just trying to scroll down on a page on my phone and it will click something or minimize the page. I get...
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    08 Ranger - Pick my next differential fluid

    Valvoline 75W90 syn or Amsoil severe gear oil. Ive had good luck with both in my trucks.
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    Whats the worst looking fluid you've drained from a vehicle?

    Had a 92 F150 with the 351 that was getting water in oil somehow when I first got it. The oil when drained would look the same color as coffee with lots of creamer. It never did have very good oil pressure after that but it kept running and as far as I know is still running. My 92 Mazda B2600...
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    Amazon is selling Used (Very Good Condition) 5w-30 Valvoline Maxlife for $4.42/qt

    Speaking of selling used fluids. All the local pull a parts sell used antifreeze by the gallon.
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    Printer recommendation

    Looking for recommendations on a new printer. I don't need anything crazy fancy. Mostly going to be used for invoices and stuff like that. Last printer I had was an HP ink jet. Cant remember the model number but it was a steaming pile of junk. It rarely got used and would sit for months at a...
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    OMG, wiper prices

    Even when I worked at the auto parts store 5 or 6 years ago prices were nuts. I'm sure they have only gone up since then. Needless to say I don't buy my wiper blades from the auto parts stores.
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    Change unused oil? (2years standing still in garage)

    No it should be fine. Oil doesn't go bad from sitting.
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    Pennzoil phasing out conventional oil ?

    Spin on filters will never be banned. That's just crazy talk. I mean how would that even be possible? Pretty much everything with an engine and pressurized lube has a spin on filter.
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    Heat Pump in Northern Climates?

    As someone in the business I would suggest to stay with just straight AC. Heat pump would make sense if you didn't have natural gas. A dual fuel system like you are talking about it great for people with propane or fuel oil. But with natural gas being pretty cheap it doesn't make economic sense...
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    Pennzoil phasing out conventional oil ?

    Ive never had synthetic cause leaks on anything and I have ran it in older and newer engines, transmissions, axles, etc. If you are getting leaks its because you already had a leak to begin with. My 84 F250 diesel was never speced for synthetic but when I was using it as my daily it would get...