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    How much is Diesel today?

    Diesel $2.36 on the Missouri side, up to $3.09 on the Kansas side near me. Bigger spread in pricing than I remember.
  2. J

    Cordless Chainsaw

    We purchased a Ryobi cordless pole saw (40V battery). It interchanges with other Ryobi tools. So far, all the cutting we have done has gone very well. Plenty of longevity on the battery.
  3. J

    Are Exide Batteries any good?

    I had Ok luck with Exide batteries (only 2) in the long distant past. Did not have to warranty either. On the other hand, I had to warranty two consecutive Interstate Megatrons in the past. Lately have gotten EP batteries from either my local farm store or Sam's Club Duracell.
  4. J

    Tell us about your auto loan...

    Last loan some time ago was zero percent; I chose 24 month payback time. Could have gone longer, but 24 mos suited us.
  5. J

    Interstate Batteries?

    My worst experience with group size 65 batteries was with Interstate Megatron batteries. Two failed in the course of 38 months (Jan 2009 to Mar 2012.) The AAP replacement lasted five years or longer, when I sold the truck. Oddly enough, Costco and Walmart batteries have done very well in my...
  6. J

    Lee Filters

    I remember my Dad occasionally using the LF-1 for our two Ford vehicles in the 1960's. I think he would get the cheapest available at our local auto parts store for his oil changes. I tended to stick with Motorcraft at the time.
  7. J

    One of the worst feelings in the world if you're a member here...

    I always write "used" on the container in two or three places before I put used oil in them. Makes it easy to tell the difference. Aacclso makes sure they don't accidentally get placed back on the shelf if I have to leave the jug behind.
  8. J

    Any suggestions for cooking this brisket?

    I get really good flavor in a slow cooker - about 7 hours. Never liked boiled corned beef. Good things sometimes take time.
  9. J

    Any suggestions for cooking this brisket?

    There are several recipes that use slow cooker or a slow oven to cook this. We use slow cooker with recipes that enhance the flavor packet. Here is a good one that uses baking dish and slow oven.
  10. J

    1 Vehicle With 2 Different Wiper Blades

    In my personal case, since 2011. Don't know when manufacturers really may have started the trend.
  11. J

    Discounts for Veterans

    thanks for the info. This is a far more comprehensive list than I have seen other places.
  12. J

    House Appraisal

    Last appraiser we used in Colorado was flat fee. Did not use an internet website to schedule, but talked to him by phone instead. Your area may have different business practices.
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    Fram filter with grip

    I do hand tight with all my filters that are spin-on. The grip is supposed to help in that endeavor.
  14. J

    Quality difference between milk "brands"?

    I generally purchase private label milk. The majority of it is produced locally by Hiland-Roberts Dairy. Some retailers bring in milk from St Louis area, Des Moines and Ohio. Specialy products like egg nog is also a different story and I purchase based on taste. I also agree with you on...
  15. J

    SUNOCO is back on list for Top Tier gasoline brands

    If your Coop is associated with MFA, then you are getting Top Tier fuel.
  16. J

    Where to buy Shell Spirax 75w-140?

    Before ordering, I would try to contact a local Shell distributor. I am not sure the Spirax you need comes in smaller amounts, but I would at least ask a local guy about the possibility.
  17. J

    Where to buy Shell Spirax 75w-140?

    How about these guys? I assume 20 qts?
  18. J

    Go to's from days gone by...

    I used a pretty good amount of Superflo. When I couldn't get it, I switched to Sears Spectrum for a while. Later, I used Western Auto private brand of oil, too. All on sale, of course.