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    First Time Filter: Used Motomaster OEPlus MOPH2870A

    My first filter cut open and show off. Please excuse the horrible pictures, I'll do my best to improve! 1000-1500km on the filter. Engine was just rebuilt and it seems to show. Though the glitter is a bit excessive in my opinion. Engine was running 5w30 QS HiMi with Redline break in additive at...
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    Permatex Brake Lube Flavours: Green, Purple, Orange and now Red?

    I haven't had much luck with Green, Purple, or Orange. So I was wondering if anyone had experience with the newish Red Permatex Extreme Silicone Ceramic grease?
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    Starters! Power Select or/vs Remy

    The starter on my RSX is starting to act up more and more. It's got the internal solenoid version and from what I've read it seems the solenoid is going. I'm looking to get an 'upgraded' one with the external solenoid, since they make them. Which is where things get more complicated I guess...
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    Motomaster OEPlus MOPH/MOCH Filters

    I haven't seen much about these written or discussed. While I was at my local CrankyTred aka CanadianTire I looked into these and brought one home. The numbers are mostly Fram based but have a twist. MOPH****: is used for the can filters, basically MoFram! MOCH****: is used for the cartridge...
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    Fram XG7317 vs XG3593A

    Hey guys, I've got an RSX that uses the XG7317 for it's 2L DOHC engines. I've got a Subaru that uses the XG3593A, it's an EJ25 SOHC. Now the RSX, if I go back to a 2K S2k, same engine, it specifies the XG3593A. The filters... The 3593A is larger with a 12Psi bypass, 3.4"H x 3" OD. 310psi...
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    High Mileage Oil for Breaking In

    So guys I was wondering, would I be able to use a high mileage oil for breaking in a engine after a total rebuild, or should I just stick to oh say GTX 5w30 and a bottle of the AC Delco Oil Supplement. I've been pondering this, and wanted to ask the knowledgable folks on here.
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    Grease for the Wiper transmission...

    So because I'm a curious fellow and since all of the grease in the ball joints that compose the front wiper system were filled with dirt that loosely resembled grease. I figured why not, it's been 16 years, and who knows what shape the grease is in. So I pull apart the motor/transmission, find...
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    New Beetle PS Fluid?

    So, I found the Service Interval sheets, and Fluid requirment sheets. For the PS it says not to use ATF. I really don't like the idea of forking out $15 for 500ml of fluid when it takes 1.5-2.0L of the stuff. So in flushed out the burnt, dead, stinky, filthy factory fill PS and put in some...
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    Best grease for Ball Bearing type Wheel Bearings

    I know most all wheel bearings are roller bearing type. Heck the rear wheel bearings are actually listed as clutch release bearings. So I'm wondering in a climate that see's -40c and +40c, what should I pack the bearings with? Edit: Bible Belt censors, are lame... <img...
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    Cleaning out factory grease...

    I have sealed on one side hub assembling... How do I get the factory grease out, so I can stuff it full of some better stuff? It can't destroy rubber though, as it does need to keep the seal intact.
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    Grease + Brake fluid = :-) ?

    I have my proportioning valve apart at the moment, and I can see some rather nasty signs of wear occuring. Seems at the factory they put lithium grease in a few places but it wasn't looking to keen, sorta yellowed and pasty. The wear is specially noticable on the piston assemblies. So being of...
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    ATF for VW 01M

    Gf has a 98 Bug, it's got 150,000Km on it. It's got issues, but I'm sorting them out, sorta like playing a game of wack-a-mole. Anyways... I need to know what kind of ATF I can put in this thing, I really don't want to spend $12 a quart on the Amsoil, when it's probably going to end up getting...