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    2005 Jeep GC electrical issues

    So my son just called me at work saying he is driving home from school and all the dash lights came on and went back off. The vehicle continued to run... As he was talking to me on the phone he said it happened again. The Jeep has a battery that is about 2 years old. Any thoughts on what I...
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    2014 Chrysler T&C 8.3K miles on oil, 68K on vehicle

    See my latest Blackstone oil sample. This oil change lasted ~8,300 miles based on the EVIC OCI. All the numbers seem good. I'm surprised by the increase in TBN to 2.6, not sure how that happens. This change used up my stash of Mobil Super Synthetic. I think next OCI will be ST Full Synthetic...
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    MO-349 w/ 8,340 miles from Chrysler T&C (68,147 on vehicle)

    Changed the oil in the mommy missile today. Dumped out Mobil Super Synthetic 5w30 and removed a Mopar MO-349. Replaced with the same. Had 8,340 miles on this OCI and the van has 68,147 miles on it.
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    2012 Ram 2500 Delvac 15W40 7,600 miles

    Latest sample from Blackstone. Overall, I'm pretty happy with this one. It is the longest sample I have run and ~4k miles of this sample was towing our 11K TT. I use Mobil Delvac 1300 15W40 and the Mopar Filter on my truck. I have bought some FL-16035 to try on the next OCI. It appears I...
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    UOA: Mobil1 Truck & SUV 5W30 5K OCI, 2005 Jeep GC 3.7L w 165K miles

    My oil sample came back from Blackstone yesterday. I was concerned with the overheating this summer but the sample appears to show little or no signs of concern. Hopefully the switch to SuperTech FS HM is as favorable as the M1 has been. Just my $0.02
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    Kohler 1205001 cut and post from 2002 John Deere LT150

    Hi all here is my latest C&P. The can and base plate seemed reasonable for a small engine filter. To my surprise it did have an ADV and appeared to be made of silicon rubber. The oil in the bottom of the can seemed pretty clean. I debated against changing but it's almost time to put the mower...
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    Mopar MO-285 cut and post from 2012 Ram 2500 Cummins 6.7L - 7,673 miles (227 hours) 96,470 miles on vehicle

    Hi all here is my second C&P. I have tried to gather more info as recommended from my first post including the date code on the filter. The can and base plate seemed stout, this filter is for a diesel engine. The filter did not have an ADV but I have yet to find one that does for this engine...
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    Kohler oil filter cross reference

    Hi all I have a JD LT150 mower with a Kohler 15HP engine. It takes the Kohler 1205001 oil filter. I changed the oil when I bought this mower in the spring and what a mess! The filter sits upside down and the OEM Kohler does not have an ADV so oil runs everywhere. I'd like to move to a filter...
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    Mopar MO-452 cut and post from 2005 Jeep GC 3.7L - 4,900 miles 165,000 miles on vehicle

    Hi all here is my first C&P. Please give me any tips I could use going forward. A few observations... The can seemed reasonably decent. I had a difficult time getting the filter out and had to use a screw drive to pry it out. I believe this was from putting the filter in a vise and cutting...
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    2005 Jeep GC 3.7L has unexpected high idle

    Well folks my son said the 2005 Jeep is making a clunk sound, so I pull it in the garage tonight to take a look. I put it up on the ramps, and climb under and notice the exhaust ground strap hanging. I touched it and moved it out of my way after a hmmmm that's odd kind of moment. I check the...
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    2014 Chrysler T&C 4.6K miles on oil, 64K on vehicle

    See my latest Blackstone oil sample. I usually go ~9,000 miles based on the EVIC OCI. I haven't checked a sample in a couple years so thought I would at half way. All seems good but I was surprised by a TBN of 2.0. Not sure I'll make it the other 4,500 miles to get to 9,000. The first...
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    Mopar filter availability

    Hi all just wondering if you folks are seeing less availability of Mopar filters in stores. My local WM's are out of stock on the MO-452 for my 2005 Jeep and when I stopped at Farm and Fleet last night they clerk mentioned they are discontinuing many of the Mopar filters. As I looked at the...
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    2012 Ram 2500 Delvac 15W40 3,000 miles

    Latest sample from Blackstone. Finally appears I have turned a corner 35,000 miles into a new short block! I use the Mopar Filter on my truck as well.