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    Nio stock. How high will it go?

    Anyone invested in this stock? Tesla stock is sitting at $1500/share right now. Is it a pipe dream to think that NIO could hit $200/share?
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    Acetone/transmission fluid storage?

    I have one of those old style oilers where they're made of metal and you pull the lever to oil something. Can I mix some up then just leave it inside one of those oilers? Or is their a risk of it leaking out?
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    Replace AC condensor fan as preventive maintenance?

    Anyone replace their outside condenser fan as preventative maintenance on their house HVAC system? I think a lot of older systems don't have any kind of fail safe, so I imo if the fan fans outside, then the unit is going to keep running until the head pressure goes insanely high and probably...
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    How many gas cans do you keep on hand?

    With hurricane season here I watched a few youtube videos and it seems like common practice is to keep them filled up and rotate them every few months. When I say rotate I mean they pour it into a gas vehicle to burn it so it can be replaced with new gas. Imo this is a great idea because going...
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    Help me read this parts diagram please

    I'm replacing the clutch on my echo trimmer and looking at #14 on the parts diagram it looks to me like both these pieces are included in line item number #14. I mean what good is one clutch shoe? These items were on back order and took about 3 weeks to arrive and I only received one shoe and I...
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    pressure starts up first try after not used for 6 months

    I have a honda powered gx390 pressure washer the last few times I've gone about 6 months between uses. This last time I was thinking I was going to have clean the carb, but nope she fired right up!! I don't get it, what's all this fuss about ethanol going bad after only 30 days?
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    Appliance repair?

    Anyone ever have a dishwasher repaired? I don't really want to go through the hassle of removing and installing a new dishwasher, unless the place you buy it from includes free installation or whatever. All mine does is makes a loud click like it also has right before it turns on, but obviously...
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    Thermostat gasket cut too small

    I had a buddy change out the thermostat gasket on my boat and when he cut out the gasket he cut the inside hole slightly smaller, like maybe 1/4'' smaller. It's not interfering with the thermostat operating, but it does overlap it a tad. I'm irritated he didn't take more time to cut it out...
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    A/C is out and they ordered the wrong part

    So the A/C went out Thursday evening and I scheduled someone to come out on Monday. They said it needed a blower motor and they had to order it because it was a variable speed motor which he didn't have at the moment, but he could have it the next day. Fine, so he comes back out and they give me...
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    GM 350 thermostat housing gasket leaking

    Okay so I may have started a thread on this already, but I can't find it. Anyways, here are some updates on my thermostat housing gasket that keeps leaking. I verified that the housing is a steel housing and not aluminum, it is straight and not warped. This particular intake the housing bolt...
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    water pump leaking, still driveable?

    I know they have a wheep hole that allows the coolant to start leaking out letting you know the pump is going out, but does this mean the vehicle shouldn't be driven until a new pump is installed? Mine has gone from no noticeable leak, to a 12" diameter puddle of coolant on the ground that...
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    Does hydraulic anti chafe covering also insulate from high temps?

    I have like a 50ft roll of this stuff. I bought some plastic split loom to go over the wiring harness on the firewall of my truck since it disintegrated. I was thinking that I could wrap it with my hydraulic anti chafe covering first, then put the wire loom over the wiring harness as a second...
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    How do you make money in a bear market?

    So although my stocks are slowly going back up, it's kind of like 2 steps forward one step back kind of thing, where before i could hold a stock for a month or so and make money. It seems like now I need to be buying and selling every 3 or 4 days to capitalize on the ups and downs. Opinions?
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    Do you drain your air compressor tank?

    I bought a new Quincy compressor and I would crack the water drain valve open for a few seconds every few days thinking that was enough to get the water out. Then I discovered I can go back 30 minutes later and get more water out each time without the pump still not turned on. I wonder if I need...
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    Does anyone put heat shrink tubing over a connector plug?

    Say a main wiring harness plug where it has those plastic connectors that connect all the individual wires together. Anyone ever unplug the connector then slide the heat shrink tubing over and then shrink it down after connecting back together? I haven't looked to see how large of a diameter...
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    Wiring up a 240vac hour meter to air compressor?

    I bought a Honeywell hour meter to attach to my Quincy compressor. The problem is it didn't come with any wiring instructions. The air compressor is wired up with 10/3 wire and it uses 2 hots and a ground wire. The neutral isn't used. My question is what wires are connected to the two terminals...
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    misty air coming out of air hose even with water separator?

    So where i'm at it's not uncommon to have 80 percent humidity most of the time, which makes me wonder if its just the humid air we have. If I have the blow gun attached and press it all the way down I can see what looks like slightly foggy air coming out of the outlet. It's not anything that's...
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    Thermostat housing gasket leaking

    So I changed the thermostat housing gasket on my boat, fired it up and this one is doing the same thing. The gasket looks like it absorbed the coolant and is now wet. The old one was just a tiny seep. I think it lost maybe 8 oz over 20hrs. I don't know what to do now..... I used some good thick...
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    Washer stuck between the water pump housing and timing chain cover.

    Had a friend change out the thermostat housing gasket on my brand new boat engine that was leaking and he dropped both of the washers when pulling it off. One landed in the bilge which i retreived, the other where I described so in the title. He said it was fine and wont hurt anything after I...
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    Who makes regular green coolant?

    I need to add coolant to the boat. I bought some supertech extended life for $7.88 thinking it would be regular green since it was so cheap, but I don't know until I open it.