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    Make wise choices

    Losses like that are something you carry a long time. Many many years ago two of my cousins from different families were bar-hopping having a drink at as many bars as they could on there bikes all night and one of them had an expired inspection. The one with the expired inspection started...
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    This plane flew over and was very low.

    Puff the magic dragon?
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    Most miles per tank

    If a 2012 Camry can do that, I wonder what a 2021 can do? And what the latest hybrid Camry can do?
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    Are you experiencing any mail delays?

    Did you get the 30 bucks back. I think you have a very good case for a refund.
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    A relic I inherited...

    Use to have one of those. It may still be around somewhere.
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    Home Auto Repair Question

    BTW, if you like working on vehicle, like for a hobby, and run out of friends and or relatives vehicles to work on, then there are some very deserving vehicle drivers using there own vehicles to deliver meals on wheels and or boxes of food to elderly people who are basically home bound. I see...
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    Home Auto Repair Question

    Recycling oil, is a good thing, but putting empty oil bottles in plastic recycle collections is a bad thing. Empty oil jugs containing even a very small amount of oil, will contaminate used plastic if the recycler does not catch that it is an oil container, and remove it. Used oil containers...
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    Finally Figured Out what these are for!

    When I was looking for a used car for my parents my mother said to be sure it had one of those things on the back of the trunk that makes it easy to judge where the back of the car is when you park it. That was a new one for me. I did not know that was what it was for.
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    OEM Used vs New Aftermarket

    If that has press-fit parts you can buy the whole item with the new press-fit part already installed from Rock-Auto. One advantage to doing that is that it eliminates the possibility of the fit of the press-fit parts not being compatible.
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    Home Auto Repair Question

    Be aware, there are people who will complain about oil stains on the street.
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    Home Auto Repair Question

    One of the family of my cousins lived on a back street in a small house over a 4 car garage ( 2 wide, 2 deep ) and our grandparents owned the property. My cousins from a couple of families, and my brother and I use to work on our cars and trucks in that garage when we were in high-school, so we...
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    Advice on 2013 Camry parked and not started for 2 years !!!!!

    For the first start, a good big ( high number of CCA ) charged battery in the vehicle with cleaned terminals, and also jumped with heavy cables to a vehicle with a big ( high CCA ) charged up battery. ( Never run the good vehicles engine when jump starting. There is a small but real chance of...
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    Need recommendation for brake rotors Lexus GS 350

    One of the reps from Rock-Auto was on the weekend TV show Tech Garage on a show about brakes and he said that Rock-Auto sells matched sets of rotors with matched pads, that work well together with each other if you ask for them. They have people who recommend what matched sets work well...
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    Need recommendation for brake rotors Lexus GS 350 I shopped many online stores for CVT fluid, crush-washers, engine and cabin air filter, wiper blade refills, and a jack for my Honda and while some others had lower prices, when you added there shipping, the one with the lowest total price was oempartsource hands...
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    Now that I know about reaction scores I am obsessed.

    ( BTW, we lost John Prine to the unspeakable topic April 7, 2020 , he was 73. RIP John. )
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    Anyone have a pole barn / outbuilding built recently?

    Frenchs' Inc. That was over 40 years ago, so it may not be the same owners by now. Boy did that place poorly maintain there equipment back then. It was down right dangerous to drive there big front end loader with no brakes, and a bucket control that would not stay in the non-movement up / down...
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    Another MN Accident thread....

    When the other driver was totally at fault and rear ended my car when the van in-front of me suddenly stopped, and I had to stop fast, and later there insurance company called me and said that they were not going to pay, I said that I had hopped to keep lawyers out of this, and hung up. A little...
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    Anyone have a pole barn / outbuilding built recently?

    One summer many years ago, I worked for a cement company mostly running the controls of a loading building that prefilled bins for loading the cement trucks. For your slab, be aware that there are a variety of cement mixes that have different strengths. The first thing to consider is the...
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    Truck tool box time , need suggestion

    A cousin of mine who is also a very good friend, and a top notch carpenter, had the side tool boxes of his truck broken into to steal most of his tools just a couple of years after he started in business many many years ago ( he had just been in business long enough to have a very good stock of...