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    How to convert power vent windows to manual?

    The motors to the rear vent windows on my 2002 Toyota Sienna have been hinky for some time now. Basically I just leave them open during the summer (we don't get a lot of rain in my area) and shut them when winter starts to come around. But this Arrangement is not always satisfactory for a number...
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    Cause of excessive carbon on IAC?

    In late 2015 at 161,735 miles the idle air control valve on my 2002 Toyota Sienna was acting up. So I opted for the cleaning rather than replacement. That lasted for 4 years 9 months or 44,617 miles before it started acting up again this May. So in May of 2020, at 208,226 miles, I had a...
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    Red 7443 lights?

    My lens covers for my 2002 Toyota Sienna have become a bit faded and so I thought I could enhance the red color of my running/brake lights with some red bulbs. However, when I go to search for them, the only alternative I see are LEDs, which my car is not set up for. So anybody have a source...
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    Burning oil, City vs Freeway?

    Hi guys. Is there anything about the nature of City Driving vs. Freeway driving that would cause a car to burned more or less oil compared to the other? Meaning, if you drive a thousand miles in the city, with its varying speeds and starting and stopping and you burn 10 oz of oil are you just...
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    Blackstone Lab on YouTube

    If you use Blackstone labs and send your oil to them for analysis you can show them some love by going to YouTube and subscribing to their channel; "Blackstone Laboratory - Slick Talk" <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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    Unresolved brake scraping sound.

    In January of 2018 I had front brakes and rotors replaced on my 2002 Sienna. At that time I also have the caliper pins regressed with the proper silicone grease. Left side was very messed with extremely uneven wear on the pads due to dry caliper pins. About a month ago the right wheel started...
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    Late switch to full synthetic?

    My 2002 Sienna has nearly 204k miles on it and I got it 70k miles ago in 2012. Ever since I've been running Castrol's GTX High Mileage synthetic blend in it. I use premium filters and try to shoot for oil changes around 5000 miles or a bit less. I just got my most recent oil analysis back from...
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    Question re negative Fram Ultra Synthetic video.

    So over the last few months on this site and through YouTube cutaway videos and so forth I've heard a lot of good things about the Fram Ultra Synthetic oil filter. Basically saying Fram not only did something right but nearly perfect with it. My car has higher mileage and I use Castrol 5-30...
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    Difference in Valvoline Asian red offerings?

    Other than about $7 a gallon, can somebody tell me the difference between these two products? ( hopefully attaching the pictures worked) Because I've read the labels, front and back, very carefully on both of them and they both seem to be saying the same thing. And they both are by Valvoline...
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    Car overheating under different conditions.

    2002 Sienna. 204k miles on it. Decent quality water pump put in 42k ago ( not that that necessarily means anything). Coolant level looks fine. Doesn't matter if traffic is heavy or light or if driving in the city or on the freeway. The AC will be going along working fine all of a sudden it...
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    '02 Sienna: Setting Cat. Readiness Monitor?

    Okay, I read the drive cycle instructions on how to reset the OBD catalytic converter readiness monitor for my 2002 Toyota Sienna. Something about patting your head and rubbing your belly while hopping on one foot and saying the alphabet backwards. Well, not exactly but close enough. I live in...
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    Castrol High-Mileage vs. Valvoline Maxlife?

    I've been a Castrol oil guy, in particular High-Mileage, for decades now, but also along the way I've heard some pretty good things about Valvoline and Valvoline Maxlife. Since the latter is what I run in the transmission of my 2002 Toyota Sienna, with over 203,000 miles on it, I was thinking...
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    Fram Ultra - beating a dead horse.

    I'm dropping this in here for a very specific question. The latest thread I found on this subject was from early 2018 and a lot of that seemed to concentrate on the maximum extended oil change interval for a Fram Ultra filter and a bit of a referendum on the Fram Ultra itself. But good Lord...
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    Rate of oil burn, not bad?

    Just going for some opinions here: I have a 2002 Toyota Sienna with just over 201,700k on it. I use Castrol 10-30 High Mileage oil. Which is what I started using when I got it in 2012 with 136k on it. I burn just under 12.5 oz of oil every 1,000 miles. That doesn't seem too bad to me. What do...
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    Location of AC clutch relay '02 Sienna?

    No, I am not THAT dumb. I know about the two fuse/relay boxes under the hood near the battery and my online searches tell me that that is where it's supposed to be. But when I pull off the covers and look at the reference diagrams there's nothing that says "AC clutch" or "magnetic clutch" or...
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    Percent of "synthetic" in Castrol high mileage blend?

    Does anyone know, for sure, the percent of synthetic that is in the Castrol GTX high mileage synthetic blend oil? An internet search has been less than helpful, except to say that synthetic blends are not that finely regulated and can have anywhere from 1 to 30% of the blend as synthetic.
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    Is 10w-30 "wrong"?

    I have an 02 Sienna. I got it in 2012 with 136k on it and now has 189k. I currently use about a quart of oil every 3000 miles. Ever since I got it I've been using Castrol high mileage 10w-30 in it. Why I chose the high mileage version is probably obvious, but I chose the 10-30 because I live in...
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    Brightest incandescent tail light bulb?

    I know I can switch out my incandescent bulbs with LEDs and wire in resistors and all. But I just don't want to. For my rear turn signals I bought a set of those no resistor LEDs, which I hope will help people notice me better in heavy traffic when I'm singling to move over. And with those you...
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    What constitutes a car lasting 200 or 300k miles?

    And by that I mean, what is it that last or is not replaced to make a car qualify for the title of lasting X number of hundreds of thousands of miles? Or maybe another way to ask it is, what needs to be replaced or worked on for the car to qualify for NOT haveing lasted X number of hundreds of...
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    What size Toyota Sienna bumper fasteners.

    You would think something like this would be a straightforward Google search, but it doesn't seem to be. Does anyone know what the correct size of the plastic push pin bumper cover fasteners is for a 2002 Toyota Sienna? Basically because I have no idea what the head, stem, and hole size is...