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    It's been awhile, quick ? On T6.

    Guys it's been awhile since I had to purchase engine oil, been using up old stock. Those on the up and up... I have a 2020 Colorado ZR2 LGZ 3.6L na V6 and a 2008 Honda CBR600RR. Prior to my ZR2 I had a 2.0L Turbo 2016 Camaro. I was running T6 5W40 in the bike and the car. I want to run T6...
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    Any low cal high mag high zinc 5w40's out there?

    It seems all the Xw40's are all high calcium. Technically I should only be using the recommended D1G2 5W30 for my gm 2.0L Turbo engine. But if a guy were to run an Xw40 oil. Which one would be as close as possible to an anti LSPI D1G2 oil in your opinion?
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    '16 Camaro 2.0L Turbo AC DELCO 5W30 full syn

    Hey everyone this is my first post! 45000 km/ 27961 miles on engine. This is the fourth oil change. First 3 OC's were M1 5w30. AC DELCO filters every time. This was the last free oil change i could muster out of my local Chevy dealership. What are your thoughts and opinions? Also I...