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    The covid used bicycle market.. Like this.
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    The covid used bicycle market..

    Wheels take practice and patience. You'd be best off getting one of the entry level truing stands and a spoke tensioner so you have a good starting point. This is an excellent read. Even if you're only truing.
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    The covid used bicycle market..

    I normally build custom bikes and wheels but there are just about zero frames available. I've been making a killing doing tuneups on people's older bikes. It's a shame, actually. People have really nice quality bikes sitting around unused. They come to me, ask about a new build, I say...
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    What to do with too much raisins?

    A few days after I had participated in this thread, my dog got sick and had to go to the vet. I was freaking out. Could it have been raisins? Long story short, I asked the vet if this possibly could have been from a few raisins. He said no. After blood testing, he had some sickness from a...
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    bike freewheel disabled by the cold

    Awesome bang for the buck. Good hubs.
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    What are you working on today?

    II installed new Bilstien shocks in my Suburban this past weekend. The shock/strut assembly comes out of the truck in minutes. I compressed the spring and then realized I had nothing to reach in and get the nut that retains the spring. Trip the store for a Lisle shock tool, back home, swapped...
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    bike freewheel disabled by the cold

    Nope. I still use it. I stick with something when it works for me. Plus, I have a really big bottle of it.
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    Value of your Home Tool Collection

    I have a photo file of all of my tools for my homeowners insurance. Who would believe I have all of this stuff? It rivals the value of my house.
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    Malco Eagle Grips are here, USA made! [Snap-On]

    I have quite a few sets of old school Vise Grips. Glad I got em when I did. Never cared for anything that came later. I will probably grab some of these. I have a couple of welding projects coming up soon.
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    Wider is better

    My skinny tire bike has 3 inch wide tires on 40mm rims. Once I got a taste of fat bikes in 2011, I never looked back.
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    She Said She'd be Ready in Five Minutes

    My wife, no matter where she is, always says she's right down the street. Rarely, is she right down the street. If I call her (and IF she answers, I'll ask how long til you get home? I'm right down the street. Usually she's back in 20-30 minutes). One night, on my way home from work, the...
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    Plastic Repair

    HAHAHAHAHA!! I have actually done zip tie stitches. Chick I barely knew came to me with the front bumper all busted up dragging on the ground. It needed to replaced anyway so I went to town on it. Worked mint.
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    My 27 year old Saso

    VERY cool. I have an old Fuji Del Ray in about the same condition but not nearly as cool.
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    Cabinet style screwdrivers

    I have a set of four Cornwell cabinet screwdrivers. Two phillips and two flat. I have them mostly for working inside transfer switches. Excellent tools. Every time I break them out I hold one up and say to my brother The doctor told me to stay away from work. After 25 years of that he...
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    1/8" NPT Pipe Tap (Made in USA?)

    Nice. Works for me.
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    A new (to me) bike tire failure mode

    I tried to post these side by side but could not. Sorry. The top pic is a Surly Clownshoe. Same as Number 35’s Darryl but wider. The bottom is an Alex Blizzerk. Notice is has a channel in the bead seat. Much better retention of the tire. Probably slightly larger in diameter as well. Tire beads...
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    What to do with too much raisins?

    I put raisins in my homemade energy bars. They work well in those.
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    What to do with too much raisins?

    I look at it this way... He weighs about 100 pounds. I don't think 3-5 raisins are going to hurt him. Years ago, my brother and I had a shepherd-doberman mix. Great dog. She LOVED grapes. After feeding her grapes for years, we learned that grapes were bad for dogs so we cut her back to...
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    What to do with too much raisins?

    My dog LOVES raisins. I only give him a few. I think they're not good for him.