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    5W-30W ???

    The BITOG forums are among the top search engine results for questions like "can i use 5w 30?" In fact, for me when I google this (without quotes), a BITOG forum thread is the top result (with quotes i get a VW vortex forum thread; also I believe the algorithms spit out results on a user-unique...
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    New Castrol oil for the classics! "Castrol GTX Classic" 20W-50

    Thanks very much for bringing this to my attention, I hadn't heard of this and this is my market segment. Really looks good for my preferences (don't want ZDDP higher than 1400 or so) From the Castrol GTX Classic 20W-50 PDS (note, 99.99% sure this is the PDS for the USA product. The PDS was...
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    SUNOCO is back on list for Top Tier gasoline brands

    To be clear, Citgo and Valero are top tier for gasoline. not sure if you were saying they're not, or they're just not as common around you as Shell/BP
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    SL rated Super S brand motor oil at Roses Stores

    From the 06 Elantra owners manual, p. 202: The engine oil quality should meet the following classification. API SJ, SL or ABOVE, ILSAC GF-3 or ABOVE and to further what...
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    Phillips 66 Motor Oil in same bottles

    AC Delco Honda produced by Phillips 66, not trying to say they are the exact same oil in each bottle/brand
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    What major oil co's bottle for other names?

    In the US: Phillips 66 - Ford Motorcraft Phillips 66 - AC Delco Phillips 66 - Honda Exxon Mobil: VW-Audi Exxon Mobil: Toyota Exxon Mobil: Nissan Exxon Mobil: formerly AC Delco Exxon Mobil: formerly Honda
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    will HDEO harm my cats

    OP has a stash >For next summer I was thinking of using Traveller 15w40 all fleet SM rated oil. I want to use that, as I have a lot of it
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    what is SN plus? ok for mopar 2.4L world engine?

    They have; is the old site see SP included on
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    Unusual Display at Walmart

    What part is not following the rules? If it's the listing as SN Plus as the resource conserving "classification", while the API "service category" is SP, that is acceptable on an oil listed as API SP for the "service category" during a transition period The top of the donut is the API service...
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    Off Brand Oil

    As alleged by PQIA, apparently they were previously displaying the marks without being licensed and have now, as noted above, addressed licensing
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    7-11 motor oil by Lucas (pics)

    Nice find. News release from a year ago mentions various Lucas products being offered at Florida-only 7-11s and only for a three month period (test?), but specifically does not mention motor oil. Wonder if the offering of a co-branded oil is even newer than this...
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    Syntec by O'Reilly

    Watched some of the indycar race today and O'Reilly had some Syntec from O'Reilly billboards/signage around the track (St pete road course). I haven't watched other indy races this year so don't know if they've been doing this at other races, but just thought it was interesting that it seems...
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    PUP SP

    The answer is Pennzoil has not chosen to make any grades other than those listed products and viscosities listed above (largely 0w's) carbon neutral. Making it carbon neutral has nothing to do with the oil's formulation etc.; not all 0w's are carbon neutral. All being carbon neutral means is...
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    Regular M1 vs. M1 EP ?

    Don't forget Mobil "full synthetic"
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    Oil weight spec thinning over time?

    While not available in 10w40, if you're thinking of 20w50, also consider Kendall GT-1 Competition Motor Oil with LiquiTek, conventional. Has Phosphorus, wt % 0.109; Zinc, wt % 0.120 A bit less ZDDP than Valvoline VR1...
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    Syntec by O'Reilly

    Not on the new bottles per their website. Who knows what old stock may be lurking around Edge bottle from castrol site (example bottle for line, not actual bottle as no viscosity)...
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    Syntec by O'Reilly

    Here we go. The O'reilly website has the term "BP Lubricants" associated with the Syntec product. Not anywhere on the actual webage that is displayed (unless ctrl F missed it) But in the the web address itself (missed this last night when looking)...
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    Syntec by O'Reilly

    So Castrol used to have Syntec (same spelling and all) as a trademark. But it shows up as "dead" for Castrol on the US Patent and Trademark Office site (at least from what I leafed through, I could have missed some other record). Edit, found a "live" record for Syntec as a Castrol trademark (it...
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    Pennzoil SAE vs Castrol GTX/ 20 W 50

    amazon's algorithms can price things strangely, because it appears (speculation) to take real-time demand and supply into account. I note the amazon page says only 9 left in stock. Pennzoil doesn't seem to prioritize marketing a 5qt 20w50 conventional jug (or 1 qt bottles for that matter, though...