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    Fleet motor oil

    Kirkland is around $12 for 5 quarts, plus a filter- say 7 bucks. Couple shots of grease $1. You are way under $50.
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    Cylinder 2 misfire cause found...what?

    Put in a new injector today and the misfire is gone 😃...but there is a really low frequency hum coming from somewhere, im too worn out to look at it anymore. Took a really good look at the injector and wires, connectors and im stumped. The oil that was in the connectors was like really used...
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    Cylinder 2 misfire cause found...what?

    118k miles, and the connector pic was after i cleaned it out for 5 minutes, the paper towel pic is one of about 10 paper towels i jammed in there
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    Cylinder 2 misfire cause found...what?

    I read that this engine was direct injection a long time ago and never really thought about it until now. After reading more about port injection vs direct injection, I think I know more about fuel delivery than I ever wanted to. It also made me realize how little i know about cars that i have...
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    Cylinder 2 misfire cause found...what?

    Yes direct injection...not sure how it got thru the harness, will look in the morning
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    Cylinder 2 misfire cause found...what?

    The adventures of BIG FLEXY continue. Last week she got a new wheel bearing and i guess she wanted some more drama. Yesterday i was at work and wife called me saying her 2009 Ford Flex was bucking like a bronco. I have replaced the same ignition coil twice on this car, both times using a cheap...
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    Why all the hate for Chysler/Dodge/Jeep auto's

    blame Scotty Kilmer
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    Checking out older minivans

    I have done plugs, alternator, and water pump on a 2001 Town & Country 3.3L. All of this was pre youtube, all took me way long than the time you specified. Our 3.3L had zero power, but it was a very very smooth running and reliable engine. Sold it with 120k miles and the tranny was perfect.
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    When asked to do a favor..

    Depends on who it is. For Mom, yeah i would do it her way, for a coworker or casual friend, no way im doing extra work to do it their way.
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    Cars And Watches

    Ive owned 1 decent watch that i wore daily for a decade and the band fell apart and it now sits in a drawer waiting to be fixed. Which oddly enough sounds like my F150
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    Rental Review - 2019 EcoBoost Mustang

    3v with an auto is terrible from a roll😂, i owned a new 2007 5 speed and it was great at any speed . OP, thanks for the review it reminds me that once this world has returned to normal that I need to visit my local ford dealer and test drive all the new mustangs.
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    100% Synthetic in 2021 Bronco Sport?

    Hold on...plastic oil pans???
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    Copart 2018 Versa biohazard car

    Was the previous owner of the car on his way to the dump? Back seat looks to have a moderate buildup of personal items
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    Full synthetic vs semi-synthetic oil

    I had over 2k hours on a Kohler 25hp Dixie Chopper ZTR when I sold it, it ran perfect. I used full syn and changed it out every 30 to 50 hours. Air filtration is 10,000 times more important than oil when dealing with OPE.
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    Rotella gas truck - Free after $30 mail in rebate

    How many folks have gotten their rebate?
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    Rental Review - 2019 EcoBoost Mustang

    My 2007 GT is faster than the Ecoboost both 0-60 and 1/4 mile.
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    15 Dead, 27 stufffed in Ford Expedition

    27? No wonder it wrecked, the handling characteristics must have been terrible.
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    You could of had a V-8

    I love my Mustang, even tho the transmission doesn't shift exactly when I want it to so sometimes it takes a second to get in the right RPM zone when I hit it.....the resulting sound is just pure American awesomeness.
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    FL-820S Oil Filter Cap Socket Size?|||63690&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=&utm_content=&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIpYm5ibWP7wIVmeDICh3tJAsbEAQYAiABE...