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    30,000 miles AMSOIL 5w30 1993Taurus SHO

    here are results of my brothers car I ended up with after my 1991 SHO was stolen from me last sept. We bought the car in 2004 and added AMSOIL into the engine and from all the upkeep after buying a used car we just never felt like changing the oil, it used/leaked a quart every 1000 miles, just...
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    100,000 miles engine life with SA/SB labeled oils

    I wonder if you can use SA/SB labeled non certified mineral oils for 100,000 miles in a new vehicle? lets say you do 3000 mile oci with this oil, will the engine make it to 100,000 miles without failure? would the manufacture know the difference in the event of a failure? Imagine you brought in...
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    UOA results vs time

    I wonder seeing so many minimum oci's taken and uoa's done with so few miles, is the data collected suitable for discussion on wich brand of oil is better than another? with so many varibles in question I would like to think your results are best if you stick with a brand for a certain amount of...
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    Drivetrain Failure under Waranty

    I would like to know who actually has had a drivetrain related lubrication failure during the warranty period. With all the hoopla about following dealer/manufatures service intervals to the T, I wonder if anyone has had any issues. While we are here why not give us some failures after the...
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    China calls for new reserve currency

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    Synthetic oil haters now can hate Synthetic blood

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    Q plus Slick50?

    I saw Quaker state with slick50 added and noticed it had no API service label displayed on the red bottle. So is this really good oil cause it has additive blended in and does not need to be API certified?
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    Petrolium Oil company selling Synthetic

    what is the advantage of buying synthetic oil from a company that sells cheaper grades of petrolium products? do they have testing for the synthetic oils that warrant a clear advantage for the price? Minus Mobil1 15,000 , do any other manufactures warranty their Synthetic oils to last a certain...
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    Olds 455 1969 UOA

    here is an old sample I took from a car that I was tuning up at an old place of employment, that I abandoned long ago. from what I was told the engine was new, not to my eyes, and the oil was unknown. car collector was the owner. he asked for a sample and I took one, here are the results enjoy...
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    1931 Ford Model A

    ok my buddy argues with me he Has to put non detergent oil or his engine will explode. I know that sludge oil is wearing down his engine in a big hurry, not to mention it is full of sludge. the engine is a 4 cylinder original 25,000 mile survivor. I say clean out the engine and use 10w40 Amsoil...
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    7.3 F350 25,000+miles Amsoil AME

    I have two oil samples without the TBN , truck is a 2001 F350 7.3 diesel first sample taken at 20,000 miles Aluminum 3 Chromium4 Iron 151 Copper 12 Lead 11 Tin 0 Moly 6 Potassium 4 Silicon 6 Sodium 9 Calcium 4014 Magnesium 42 Phosphorus 1298 Zinc 1711 cST Viscosity @100 13.8 second sample...
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    after warrany engine wear?

    has anyone had the pleasure of taking a well serviced engine after it has lasted its service period from the factory i/e after the warranty is done, and tear it down to get a idea on how much actual wear has taken place? bore gauge to cylider walls, mic to crank journals and so on? It makes no...
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    40 mile 2007 Yukon oil change Amsoil

    I will be posting up in a few weeks an oil sample on a new Yukon Chevrolet that had 40 miles on the odometer. it now has 25,000+ miles with no loss of oil, never needed a drop in 14 months, I want to hear from all the non believers how bad the sample is going to be, I'm ordering a oil analyzers...
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    new cars, no hood light, plastic tipped oil dipsti

    what is up with many manufactures? no under hood lights and plastic tipped dipsticks. usually I can tell oil condition looking at the oil on the end of a metal dipstick, that seems to be no more on most of the newer cars I have serviced, then none of the newer cars have under hood light! talk...
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    Buy your own NOAK tester! end the oil debate

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    new job lots of fun

    I recently found new work around the corner from where I walked away from a similar job. Now I get dirty on actual cars that need work, like Donks with BBChevies and and assortment of Muscle cars , lately all seem to be having round camshaft lobes. all the cars I see are fully restored cars with...
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    WWII machine gun

    what was the gun the marines used in pacific that was a hacked gun 3 different types made one gun that spit out 1300 rounds a minute?
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    GM, California to Bust ‘3,000 Mile Myth’

    Wednesday, June 11, 2008 VOLUME 8 ISSUE 24 Reprinted with permission. ©2008 LNG Publishing Co., Inc By Nancy DeMarco General Motors yesterday joined the California Environmental Protection Agency and its Integrated Waste Management Board in the state’s “3,000 Mile Myth” campaign to educate...
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    true source of oil comsumption pics

    this is where your oil has the hardest time in any engine. Inside the engine this is the hottest part and is the source of oil vaporazation and comsumtion. this area can reach 400+F easily. the example in the pictures is my own engine from a 1994 cobra mustang with 140,000 miles with 3000 mile...
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    clean engine,dirty pistons

    I want to bring to light the fact that a clean looking engine on the inside does not mean the engine is in good condition. anyone actually taken down a good clean engine to find cooked baked piston ringlands? how about cylinder wall wear? I have taken down many engines that looked clean but...