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    Toyota plastic oil filter housing

    I've broken 3 over my years, all put on prior by someone else. Over torqued. Both my personal Toyota's have been converted over to the aluminum housing years ago.
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    Differential Plug Stuck, Stripped

    Access to air tools? My Tundra's drain bolt wouldn't budge and I rounded it too. Took an air hammer and chisel bit to it and backed it out.
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    Idemitsu ATF Type TLS-LV (WS)

    So I picked up a bunch of this with the Autozone clearance. Have 2 prior spill and fills with Maxlife on my Tundra and Rav4. Any concerns adding Idemitsu into the mix?
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    1/2" Cordless Impact for home wrenching... Ryobi? Thanks in advance.

    I had that Ryobi as my 1st impact. Works for most stuff, but not enough power if you live in the rust belt like I do. If it's because you have the batteries, wait for the gen 2 brushless Ryobi just announced. Supposed to be a prosumer tool...
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    K&N motor oil

    This has been flashing across my FB ads. Intriguing, but I'll never use it.
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    Snow blower impeller mod?

    I did it on my MTD branded 24" Remington. Used a plastic plumbing coupler and cut it to size for the impeller. Picks up the slushy stuff and throws it vs it falling out of the chute. It'll throw the dry stuff pretty far too.
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    6.7 Cummins oil recommendations

    My pops has an 09 2500 with the Cummins. Rarely driven. Has 35k ish on the odometer last I looked. I put in T6 a5w40nd a Mopar filter annually. Get both from Walmart.
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    250k on Toyota coolant

    2008 with the 5.7 here I pulled the engine block plug when I did mine at 108k. Not that much more work to get as much out as possible. Also used Zerex Asian.
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    CR: LED Headlights vs Halogen Headlights

    That right there is my observation as well. They are really worthless when it snows or rains.
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    Post Your Latest Coolant Change.

    It's their Asian pink formula. Mix away for me.
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    Post Your Latest Coolant Change.

    2014 Rav4 with 100k. Radiator drain and fill. Out : 1 gal factory Pink LL In : Peak pink coolant
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    post your latest differential fluid change

    2014 Rav4 100k "tune up" Out: Factory fill from the rear diff and TC In : Supertech Synthetic 75w90 into both Takes just a tad over 1 qt for both together. Such small capacities
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    Post your latest oil change

    2014 Toyota RAV4 100k on the odometer Out : no idea + cartridge filter In : Supertech 0w20 + Denso filter
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    WM Everstart Platinum AGM Batteries

    Oddly enough I saw my size (24F too) when I didn't need a battery. Wanted to try it. Truck struggled to crank over this weekend so I went in looking for it again but the shelf slot was empty. Ended getting the Maxx lead acid. "Rollback" for $88.
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    Post your latest small engine oil change

    New to me Toro 726 Snowblower. Out: unknown fresh oil. About 30 min use with it. In: RGT 5w30 I have a problem with putting in my own fluids with used equipment. Peace of mind. Used the foil form a funnel to keep it clean.
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    Toro Recycler Wheels

    Nope. A couple pumps at most. A few times a year.
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    Toro Recycler Wheels

    It's an added feature on the Supers, not the regular recyclers. Metal gears on both the axle and wheel. I just use what ever is in the grease gun. Don't need to be excessive. Relube as I sharpen the blade.
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    Post your latest brake fluid change

    2014 Honda CRV 29k Out: Factory In: Supertech DOT3
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    Post your latest small engine oil change

    Curb freebie Toro Recycler with the Kohler engine. Cleaned some gunk and dirt out of the carb, started right up. Flipped it for $100 an hour later. Out: unknown In: QS 10w30
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    Favorite Oil Brand for OPE

    Whatever is on clearance. Got some Castrol Sae 30, RGT 5w30, and Quaker 10w30