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    Measuring Tread Depth

    This is a question for anyone actively involved in the tire industry. Has there been a change over the last few years on how to measure tread depth? I ask because a service manager and one of his technicians told me today that the correct way to measure tread depth is from the top of the...
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    Magnefine Transmission Filter

    I'm looking for some insight about these in-line filters. I have seen these filters installed, especially after transmission repairs so I'm somewhat familiar with them. I have heard recently that they are intended to be disassembled and cleaned rather than replaced, as shown with the...
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    New Motorcraft FL320S?

    When I changed the oil on my 03 Escape today I noticed the new filter is a little different from the one installed last October. The labeling is a little different, and the can looks a little shorter. Has anyone else noticed this? Has Ford changed vendors?
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    Wal Mart brand dino oil recycled?

    Follow this link and let me know if this guy is full of it. He says Wal Mart dino oil is recycled. I've never heard this. Has anyone got some better insight on this? <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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    Engine build video

    This is not exactly an article but I don't know where else to post it. I found this link over at Escape Central. It shows a 3d build up of assemblying an engine, piece by piece, and then give detail on how it works, all in animation. The video runs nearly 5 minutes, but well worth it. Enjoy...
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    Mercon V update for Mercon

    Ford has just issued a TSB showing the Mercon V is an accross the board replacement for Mercon. Here's the TSB <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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    Marvel Mystery Oil Advertise

    Aw shucks.
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    Opened container

    You will be fine.
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    ATF possibly a little burnt, change it or leave it?

    From what you have described the fluid is still in good shape but if in doubt change it. I would.
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    K&W nanotechnology head gasket repair?

    I would guess that it is nothing more than one of the latest iterations of the "mechanic in the bottle" preperations that sometimes works and often doesn't for attempting to get by with sealing blown head gaskets or cracked heads. It won't hurt to try it, but don't be disappointed if it...
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    On Line Motorcraft Lubricant Catalog

    <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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    Need help after 1 yr idle motorcycle

    It sort of depends on how badly gummed up it is. I have had success running a cleaner straight into the system, full strength. Only run it for a few minutes and immediately run gas in it to displace all of the cleaner. I consider this to be a Mickey Mouse answer, but it sometimes works well...
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    2006 Ford Racing Catalog

    <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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    GL information

    I'm trying to learn more about the gear lube specifications. Can anyone tell me a web site that that gives information on the differences between GL3, GL4, and GL5? I tried the API web site and didn't find much.
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    Ford Chemical Catalog

    Not exactly an article, but a pdf catalog of Ford chemicals, including Motor Oils, ATF, Manual Trans Fluids, Coolants, Paint, and other stuff. Sometimes it is a bit hard to get much detail on Ford stuff, but this tells a lot. It is about 100 pages. <a...
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    Here we go again.

    <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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    Oil Specials

    In case anyone wants to know, this mornings Sunday Los Angeles Times has an add for Kragen. They show synthetic blends for $1.99 a quart. They list Valvoline, Pennzoil, Quaker State, Castrol and Chevron. The coupon also has a Mobil logo so I would assume that Mobil would be included. Another...
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    ARCO & Valeo

    The thread about ARCO graphite oil mentioned that ARCO is now part of British Petroleum. That raises a couple of questions. Although BP has a presence in California, they don't seem to have any stations in Southern California so I'm not all that familiar with their product. I see BP when I...
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    Auto News article

    There is an article in this weeks edition of Auto News about GM's new Dexron VI fluid. I tried to do a link, but it would only link that a subscription was needed. The essence of the article is that the new fluid was developed by GM, not an oil company as has been the practice in the past...
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    Deep reading -- any ready for a headache?

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