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    Our Wedding/Honeymoon

    My oldest son was planning on getting married on April 4. Big wedding planned (200+ guests), mainly friends (more so) than family. Honeymoon was planned for Hawaii, but that appears a no-go. To add insult to injury, daughter-in-law-to-be is graduating college in May, but it looks like the...
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    Looking at a 2020 Forester

    My wife and I just bought a 2020 Forester Premium in January, to replace a 2013 CR-V AWD that was totaled. This is our first Subaru, and so far, we have thoroughly enjoyed it. I was apprehensive about the CVT at first, because of Nissan's problems, and experience with a Honda CVT in my parents'...
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    Car Shopping During Christmas - Due to Accident

    Well, we ended up buying a 2020 Subaru Forester Premium. I built a spreadsheet to compare offer from various dealers (and brands) to see what was the best "bang for the buck". Fortunately, our insurance from the totaled 2013 CR-V gave us around $11K to use. Honda and Subaru were the main...
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    2019/2020 Subaru Maintenance Schedule Q?

    Something else I noticed - new Subarus come with a 5 year / 60K miles powertrain warranty, but a "certified" used Subaru raises it to 7 year / 100K. However, that is based on the original sale date (when new). Funny that they don't give those numbers from the start for new ones.
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    2019/2020 Subaru Maintenance Schedule Q?

    I posted in the "Vehicles" forum that I am thinking of purchasing a 2019 / 2020 Subaru Forester. Right now, Subaru is offering "free" 2 year / 24K miles scheduled maintenance with every new vehicle purchase. One dealership I have spoken with is offering a free "lifetime" oil change / wiper...
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    Car Shopping During Christmas - Due to Accident

    OP here. I have been researching model data online, and basically narrowed it down to SUbaru and Honda, due to mileage ratings and safety ratings. Last Friday I test drove a Subaru Outback, Subaru Forester, and Honda CR-V. All were 2020 models. The Outback drove nice, but was more like a car...
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    Battery explosion

    A little over 30 years ago I was helping a friend wash and wax and work on a Chevy K10. He had removed the battery, to clean the engine compartment. Afterwards, he cleaned the battery cables and battery terminals and reinstalled and reconnected everything, and had the hood still open. I was...
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    Car Shopping During Christmas - Due to Accident

    OP here - Thanks for the replies and kind words. Wife is a little sore from seat belt, but still as kranky as ever, haha. I am starting to build a comparison spreadsheet (I'm an engineer by education and trade - oh well), to have a quick reference. My recent experience with the CRV is the...
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    Car Shopping During Christmas - Due to Accident

    Well, last night on the way home from work, my wife had a teenage girl in a 2015 RAV4 turn in front of and hit my wife's 2013 CRV. The impact knocked my wife into a stationary 2006 Jeep Commander waiting at the adjacent street intersection. Fortunately, no one was injured, but the RAV4 and CRV...
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    Good radio apps

    I use the TuneIn Radio app on my iPhone to listen to SWR4 Tubingen, a German radio station in Baden-Wurtemberg. It is also available on the internet. I'm studying German language, using Duolingo and Rosetta Stone. I can read and understand German very well now, but listening to the radio helps...
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    STP and AC-Delco Oil Filters the Same?

    Changed the oil in my 2005 Jeep LJ this weekend. Used some QS HM semi-synthetic I got on clearance at AZ ($2/bottle) and a STP S16 I already had on the shelf, from another package oil buy deal at AZ a couple of years ago. It appeared to be an e-core design. Also, I compared it to an AC-Delco...
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    Those with 150,000 miles or more, check in

    2002 Honda Civic - 206K miles. Bought at 119K. Older son's college car. During our ownership, ST semi-synthetic 5W-20 and filters, with an occasional Fram filter if ST was out of stock. Currently parked awaiting transmission repairs. 2003 Nissan Sentra SE-R - 189K miles. Bought at 98K. Younger...
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    Are the new CR-V's really that terrible?

    That CVT transmission is awful, especially for spirited commuter driving in traffic. I drove my parents' 2017 CR-V in some heavy traffic once, and need to get over a lane to exit. An opportunity opened up, I signalled and mashed the gas to go, the engine revved up, and nothing happened as far as...
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    Decent 1911 For Less Than $500?

    Nobody has mentioned Auto-Ordnance, owned by Kahr, made here in the USA. My son has one of their 1911A1's, and it is an almost perfect clone of a USGI M1911A1, with a matte-blue finish. He has fired several hundred rounds through his with no issues. I got him some USGI surplus magazines to use...
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    Black Grit in Fuel Tank - What Is It?

    Anyone know how I can get the fuel pump to run without cranking? I tried jumpering EFI relay connections in the fuse box near the battery. Having ignition "on" made no difference. I just want to pump straight from the tank, to the inlet side of the filter, where I have a hose going into a bucket.
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    what was the last year CR-V had a non-CVT geared transmission?

    Something else to think about: I have a 2013 with the traditional 5-speed automatic. Merging in and out of highway and city traffic is normal, i.e., acceleration when needed to safely merge. However, my parents have a 2017 with the CVT. One time I had to take them to the airport out of town...
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    Black Grit in Fuel Tank - What Is It?

    Well, I haven't posted in a while due to work and other commitments. However, my son's 1996 Tacoma X-cab 4 x 4 with 3.4L and 5 speed has a fuel issue. We have had it for 4-1/2 years. It started acting up about 2 weeks ago, when he was a highway trip. He had filled up the gas tank before...
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    Wrist Watches again?

    I bought a NIB Victorinox (Swiss Army) wristwatch at a local thrift store about 5 years ago for $12, but it wasn't working. All it needed was a new battery. Although it is out of production, the original MSRP was around $200. It is Swiss-made and keeps excellent time. I wear it daily, and just...
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    Is CR-V AWD really that bad?

    Living in central Alabama, we don't see snow very often. However, we get plenty of rain. I would like to see a CR report or such, comparing various AWD systems on wet roads, to include highway driving, city traffic, hils, curves, etc. We currently have a 2013 CR-V AWD, and have been pleased with...
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    2008 Honda 2.4L Engine Cold-Start Rattling

    Well, we just got our 2013 CR-V out of the shop this morning. I had them replace the rattling VTC Actuator, and after sitting up all night at the dealer, and morning temps around 32 degrees, we started it, and it didn't rattle like before. Glad it is fixed, at least for now. Also glad I bought...