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    Goodyear to buy Cooper

    Are you intoxicated?
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    Covers of songs (only good ones, PLEASE!)

    Original... Cover...
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    Song(s) you felt should have been a hit from an album ( cassette , cd , other )

    Jim Steinman is a genius. Wasted Youth/Everything Louder Than Everything Else
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    Winter wheels and tires

    Pretty impressed with the snows on the Challenger. Traction is excellent, wet grip is very good. Noise is less than I expected. Main limiting factor of the car now is the very low ride height.
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    Snow Tires Without Studs Are Worthless.

    No, I put dedicated summer tires on it. In the winter, I use dedicated winter tires.
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    Must be the new rate: "low-priority mail."
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    Probably sitting in a semi trailer behind the distribution center.
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    I often wonder what happened to that car

    Probably because the earlier 340s absolutely ripped. (I recall the NHRA factored one 60HP over the rating.) 1968 (only) 4-speeds got a big cam, and 1970 used the J heads, big carb, and high compression.
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    I often wonder what happened to that car

    Regardless of spec, many 360s the piston way down (I have seen .090") in the hole.
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    I often wonder what happened to that car

    Unless you swapped the pistons, I would guess you were down most of 2 points of compression in that 360. They were all low-compression engines...I would bet that whoever rebuilt the 340 used higher-compression pistons.
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    Goodyear to buy Cooper

    It's not design, made in China. Old design made here, will eventually be dropped. US factory closes when all tires made there are dropped. Gradual transition to making all tires in China.