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    FP Plus for Diesel Fuel

    Noticed on LCD's website that they no longer recommend FP Plus for diesel, they just recommend the original FP60. Any ideas why this would be the case? Onlu thing I could think of is that it emulsifies water and some manufacturers do not recommend that anymore because it gets water beyond the...
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    New Royal Purple Website

    In case you have not seen it, Royal Purple has updated their website. It is much easier to navigate and they seem to now have added back in the Product Descriptions and MSDS for easier access for each product. Take a look
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    ATF Dino Base Oil Types

    What type of base oils are the dino-based ATFs using today - naphthenic or paraffinic? One reason I ask is that it is well known that Naphthenic oils oxidize faster, but do have good solvency to cleanup after themselves (and other deposits) while paraffinic oils have little to no solvency...
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    A 5W is not a 5W is not a 5W

    When we measure the viscosity of oils at 100C (xW20, xW30, xW40 , etc) they all are generally within the published ranges for 20 , 30 , 40 weight oils. Why then, does a 5W viscosity (at 40C per ASTM D-445) vary so wildly, depending on the operating viscosity. For instance, I looked up some RLI...
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    FP60 or FP3000 in place of 2-cycle oil

    We all know FP60 and FP3000 have great cleaning qualities. My question for debate is - are FP60's lubrication qualities good enough for it to lubricate engine parts as well as a 2-cycle oil? What about FP3000? Let the debate begin.