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    MTU Categories and FZG

    Chevron lists the 400 SDE and 400 XLE as both meeting "MTU category" 2.1 and 3.1, respectively. 1. Going through the Afton Handbook, does this mean that it meets MTU MTL 5044, for multigrade "1 to 3" or "3.1"? 2. If so, there is a seemingly stringent FZG test it must meet. Does anyone...
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    YXZ 1000r transmission oil

    All right, I've got a question. A bit of background: Yamaha makes a side-by-side called a YXZ1000r. The machine has a split sump between the transmission and engine: they don't share the same oil. The transmission is a sequential dog box transmission with a wet clutch. Yamaha just states to use...
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    Ash Content

    I can't find anything in spec sheets to characterize greases relative to others or competition regarding their ash content as you would with a motor oil. What kind of number could one expect if there was such an analysis? I understand that most metal-soap thickener based greases would...
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    Delvac 1 ESP - VDS 4.5

    This may seem weird, but I had a question regarding whether or not I'm interpreting this right: Mobil reports that 1. the HTHS for Delvac 1 ESP 5W-40 is 3.8 2. This fluid meets VDS 4.5 <a...
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    Liquid Wrench Penetrating Oil: B-Farnesene

    So, I am mulling over the SDS for Liquid Wrench's Penetrating Oil, and I decide to see what CAS "1581740-29-5" leads to, but no dice. I instead lookup the constituent hydrocarbon to see if it has particular uses. Thats: 1,6,10-dodecatriene 7,11-dimethyl-3-methylene-, (6e)-, Hydrotreated What...
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    Oil Pressure Bypass - Relief Pressure

    Is there any way to find out what a stock car's oil pump bypass pressure is? (without doing it experimentally with a sensor) Shouldn't they be something like 80 psi?
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    Delo XLE 15w-40 / MB 228.51

    I've been looking around <span style="font-style: italic">a little</span> and I can't seem to find other HDEO in 15w40 that meets the 228<span style="font-weight: bold">.51 </span>spec. What other options do you guys know of that aren't too boutique?
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    Direct Injection, Fuel Dilution, and Ring Sticking

    Hey all, If a GDI engine has fuel dilution, would most people regard that as something driven by: -Poor piston rings, with the injection system behaving at its prime, just tend to let fuel pass. -Direct injection systems, even when operating at their prime, will (with few exceptions, if any)...
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    Fuel Dilution - Efect on Viscosity Index Improvers / Modifiers

    Is there any info that you guys know of regarding gasoline's effect on viscosity index improvers, mainly OCP? I read a thread in here where someone mentioned that at one point Dyson said that fuel dilution decomposed them, but I couldn't find the source of this info. This is <span...
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    Key Fork Oil Viscometrics

    Does anyone know what the key Viscometrics are that define fork oil weights? Is it purely KV40 and KV100, or does Brookfield viscosity play a role?
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    Delo 400 for ZF Marine Transmission

    I was browsing some of the approvals/"meets or exceeds"/certs of some HDEO on PQIA, and saw that the back of Delo 400 SDE (CK-4) had "ZF TE-ML04C" I remembered ZF markets transmissions, so I dug into it a little. Apparently the "TE-ML04C" is for Marine Transmissions, but I can't resolve...
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    Marine Engine Oil

    I don't know if anyone has seen the new thread about there being a new Supertech 25w40 synthetic blend marine oil. I don't know much about marine oil, but this looks like it would work alongside HDEO. Might be more shear stable and thicker as a 40 weight. Any Thoughts?
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    Philosophy in design - Motor Oil

    I dont know if any content of this has been explicitly posted before, but I was curious if there were some oil blenders on this site that might be willing to give some light on how they go about designing a blend. I understand that there are criteria of upmost importance to any blending, such...
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    Fuel Dilution - Effect on engine seals

    What are some of the effects gasoline might have on rubber seals over time via fuel dilution of motor oil? Qlthough <span style="font-weight: bold">not</span> the object of discussion, this thread is instigated by the still present condition of gas direct injected motors' propensity to seep...
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    Oil weight and FM

    I think this has been asked before, but let this thread host the question since I cannot dig it back up. Lets talk about a blender blending a line of oils (eg. "GTX", "Daily Protection", "Super 5000", "Modern Engine", ect.) (n=1; talking about one of these lines) This blender offers this line...
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    Straight Weight / Monograde

    The other day I spent some time waiting for a register inside a gas station. Whiile inside I saw bottles of Pennzoil SAE 40 (i.e. Heavy Duty / containing detergents). Another post this year showed good results using straight weight racing (VR1) SAE 40. Has anyone tried using HD monogrades...
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    CK4 HDEO in GDI

    (Posting in HDEO section b/c of <span style="font-weight: bold">oil </span>discussed) I had a few inquiries regarding the use of CK-4 HDEO in GDI engines. As I understand it at this point, a final blend's volatility is largely driven by the type and amount of base oil. Aside from volatility...
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    Supertech contract

    Does anyone know who is the current supertech supplier? Valvoline, Castrol, Mobil. FWIW I'm eyeballing the synthetic and high mileage formulas for PCMO.
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    ATP-205 in Final Drive

    So the final drive seal on my father's bike seems to be weeping oil very slowly. I had some ATP-205 on hand (anticipating a future car) and it says that part of it's ability is to help reseal differential leaks as well. <span style="font-style: italic">We have replacement seals ordered and on...
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    NOAK improvement

    I've been bouncing around the idea of how to improve NOAK by purchasing <span style="font-style: italic">off-the-shelf products,</span> with and two have come to mind/ can't seem to find answers on here: 1. Is NOAK for monograde oils generally lower than multigrades? 2. [considering STP...