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    School me on what Dexos really is

    Hello to all, I haven't been on this forum for some time and need some old time schooling. I just had an oil change done on my 2013 Camaro and wanted Mobil 1. When I got it back home I noticed they use Dexos brand of oil. Are or Is Dexos the same as M1? Durango
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    tire question

    Hello to all, I have a question about finding what appears to be a small nail embedded in the tread of one of my tires. Should I try to remove it with hopes it will seal or just leave it be and replace the tires a little early?? These tires has about 44K on them and I have about 1/2 tread...
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    PEP BOYS tires

    Hello to all, I was checking out tires for my 08' Impala SS and noticed that at PEP BOYS tires are rated for about 300K. According to there website the bigger brands (at least some of them) don't offer anything more significant other that a higher price. What do you think of these "Infinity"...
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    tell me about turbo chargers

    Hello to all, I'm thinking on getting another car and was wondering about turbo chargers in general. It appears everyones going back to turbos again in order to make power. How hard is it to take care of a turbo?? Durango
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    Impala 2008 recall

    Hello to all, I thought I heard over the radio that my 08' Impala ( I actually have an SS version) was being recalled due to air bags not operating properly. Has anyone heard of this? Unfortunately for me I had asked the same question on another forum and it appeard top have been removed. Durango
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    Mobil 1 "Extended" Is it worh it

    Hello to all, This coming Friday I'm having my frst OCI done on my 2013 Camaro V-6 with a little over 6K. I intend to at least get Mobil 1 put in but I've also been thinking about trying the extended version so as to push it towards it's first major service 15K which means the oil will have to...
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    Change oil now?

    Hello to all, Because it's almost one year gone by after purchasing my new Camaro I'm at now 6K. Do you think I should change the factory oil now or wait until the first service 7500K? I dont think I can do any additional miles between now and June. Of course I want to use a good synthetic like...
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    How many of you?

    Hi guys/gals, In about another month I'll be getting my 2013 Camaro it's first 6K oil change service although my OLM tells me not to do it until 7500K. When this happens I intend to begin using like in my 08' Impala SS Mobil 1 synthetic oil as a new standard. Just many of you...
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    factory oil change out 7,500K?

    Hello to all, It'll be almost one year in May since I bought my 2013 Camaro RS and the OLM tell me to change the oil at the 7,500 mark. I feel uncomfortable waiting for this to happen and as soon as I get to 6K I'm having the factory oil changed. I also want to do my OCI's every 6K using a...
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    Mobil 1 oil with the green label

    Hello to all, Before the holiday sets in I was wondering if anyone has tried the Mobil 1 synthetic oil that has the "Green Label" on it signifying designed for emission control devices? It's suppose to save you money on gas too. Durango
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    Mobil 1 not Dexos rated

    Hello to all, Went to my local PEP BOYS yesterday and noticed the Mobil 1 oil (my favorite) didn't have the so called "Dexos" label on the bottle. However the Mobil 1 "extended" did have the logo on that version. Can anyone tell me why the standard M1 dooesn't qualify for the logo? Or is this...
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    factory fill oil change out?

    Hello to all, I've had my newly bought Camaro RS/V-6 for about 4 months now with about 2500K miles on the odometer. In a couple weeks I'm planning on taking a trip to Arizona for a weekend and was wondering if I should change out the factory fill oil that came with it????If I do at this time...
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    How long can an oil filter go?

    Hello to all, I'm curious and perhaps you can tell me.... The typical oil filter.....How many miles can it go before one needs to change it. In my Chevy's I use exclusively synthetic oil (mobil 1) but use the factories Delco/GM oil filters. Now I know M1 oil can go to 10K before OCI's but how...
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    The Sale of ARCOgas gas

    Hello to all, Last year the news was that BP was going to sell off ARCO gas to Tesoro but so far from the signs it still indicates nothing has happened. The ARCO sign still has the BP logo on them. Did the deal fall through? Durango
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    PEAK oil

    Hello to all, My last oil change for my Durango and wanted to use for the last time PEAK synthetic with a decent oil filter. Is this ok to use in my 01 Durango 4.7 liter engine??? Durango
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    Camaro SS engine

    Hello to all, I'm thinking about getting a Camaro SS with the six liter engine. Does this engine have "engine displacement" where the eight cylinder becones a four cyliner when cruising on the highway like my 09' Impala SS??? Durango
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    Cata clean solvent

    Hello to everyone, My buddy Ford failed his smog test and wanted to try a product called Cata-Clean in his gas to clean up the catalytic converter. Angone know any thing about this product??? Durango
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    P0302 code after OCI service

    Hello to all, I just had my 96K service on my 01' Durango 4.7 liter engine using the new specified Pennzoil brand of oil. I also asked the dealership to use the "Platinum" version which is a synthetic. After driving home froma nice evening dinner my panel threw a trouble code (see above). Could...
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    1st time PP user

    Hello to all, For the first time I'm gonna try and use Pennzoil synthetic in my 01'Duurango V-8 and wanted to find out if most like they'll give me Platinum or is there other synthetic oil products Pennzoil has that the dealership might give me? Just in case I'll ask and make sure just exactly...
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    pennzoil Platinum vs Mobil 1

    Hello to all, In my recent Popular Mechanic I read a small statement that PP cleans better than M1. Has anyone experienced this? Does PP clean better? Durango