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    The "Winchester" flat tire

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    STP oil treatment

    Does the OP have a comment regarding STP?
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    Stumped by the numbers help.

    My neighbor sold a firearm for $60.00 to local gun store. He used that $60.00 towards the purchase of another firearm. The gun store deducted $60.00 off the price of the new firearm. He then decided that he didn't want the new firearm. The gun store refunded the purchase price which was reduced...
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    Mopar MO-349 Cartridge filter 9k miles

    This is from our 2014 Chrysler 200 3.6L. New filter is another MO-349. 9000 miles on the old filter. OLM went off at about 8500 miles, used QSUD 5-20 oil. <a href="" target="_blank"><img...
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    Alignment fuel amount

    Got the Chevy in my sig going in for an alignment from the dealer tomorrow to correct a slight pull to the right. The car has half a tank of fuel right now. Is there a rule to follow as far as how much fuel for an accurate alignment? I seem to recall a full tank is best.
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    Dino with best cold starting properties?

    My neighbor that will not pay for synthetic oil asked me to help him change his oil for winter. I tried to get him to use QSUD at $20.00 but he wouldn't go for it. His car sits outside and we see some 0 degree cold starts. Looking for recommendations on a 5w-20 Dino with the best cold flow...
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    Start up knock with Wix oil filter

    I tried my first Wix cartridge filter in my 09 Hyundai Santa Fe 3.3l. I had previously only used OE Hyundai filters. I used the same oil I've been using, MC blend 5-20. First start up the next morning it sounded like someone was rapping the valve covers with a hammer! Even hot starts hours later...
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    Brake cleaner on Alternator?

    I repaired a valve cover leak that dripped quite a bit of oil on the alternator. I got as much oil off as I could but I'd like to get it as clean as possible. Would it hurt to spray brake cleaner on and around the alternator? Any bad side affects of brake cleaner getting down in the alternator...
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    What type of coolant for a1999 Mitsubihi Eclipse?

    My sister bought a used 1999 Eclipse Turbo Spyder Convertible. It's in good shape and only needed a battery and tires so far. The coolant level is very low in the overflow bottle. The car didn't have an owners manual so I don't know what type of coolant to top it off with. Anyone know what type...