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    Baldwin oil filter on ATS 2.0 turbo

    Currently using wix wl10290 which I think is a good, solid filter for 5-6 k oci's, but I have a Baldwin on the shelf that I'd purchased just before I read the ADBV pressure was lower (20psi) vs the stock PF64 (and the wix I have) both @ 22psi. (which is what Cadillac says I need for my car) My...
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    Best oil for ATS 2.0 LTG

    Hi all. I've read so many oil threads that it hurts, lol. I'm looking for the best possible oil for my car. Yes, obviously d1g2, but I'm reading things about timing chain issues, this oil has a lot of moly, that oil has titanium and is great for turbo's, Valvoline has a new car formula , Mobil 1...
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    Which 75/90 gear oil for AWD ATS?

    Hi guys. I have a 2014 ATS AWD. It's time to change the front and rear gear oil. I don't THINK I have LS due to it being AWD. Can I use off the shelf stuff like M1 or Valvoline 75/90 that contains the friction modifier or will that be a bad thing if I, in fact, do NOT have LS? I didn't know...
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    different Valvoline synthetics?

    What's the difference between say, Valvoline advanced, Valvoline synpower, valvoline HM, etc etc. obviously the high mileage one is for high mileage vehicles, etc. but what about the other two? Thanks. ****** Nvm. They just changed the name, lol*******
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    This is driving me CRAZY

    Ok, so I bought a CAF for nearly $30 from advance auto parts made by car quest. Nowhere on the filter does it actually have written "air flow" with an arrow. I have been reading all over the Internet that when it has an arrow alone (doesn't actually say "air flow" next to the arrow), that Arrow...
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    Prime series d1g2 full syn 5w30

    First post here...was just wondering if anyone had any Info on this product. My local Sam's Club has six packs for $15.99. I drive a 2014 ATS 2.0T. I do oil changes fairly frequently...around 6-7,500 mi. Thanks