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    electricity and car?

    Are there car that run on alternating current(yes I know battery would need a converter from dc to ac .but since alternator is ac anyway , wouldn't it be better to use ac as main instead of dc (less loss etc)
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    wire space gain benefit tested?

    Was wondering if any other had tested this concept .most vehicule have a pass tru ground . From frame to head engine , tru the engine on the opposite side and to the battery it goes. So if wire are too close to engine metal everything is subtlely affected . By feel of things .i would say about...
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    burn feel?(car)

    Ok. Is it possible that a fully warmed up car be affected by something that that would change the feeling of the exhaust gas exiting. I am asking because I checked exauat a few time today . And tonight feeling ? Is less agressive .i don't know how to word it .it feel more comfortable .less...
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    sulfated ash less then .85% or not?

    Ok was reading another thread about dd 2stroke here. And one post was mentionning delo 100 . So I went on the www and found said oil. It mention a dd standard of .85 % ash. So I m like we re modern so new oil must make the cut. I go on American petroleum institute ? Nada! No data about ash % on...
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    still the spec of this oil?

    <a href="" target="_blank"></a> I m interested in this oil .just wanted to confirm this is still its spec ?
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    calcium not the root cause? (need confirmation)

    Look like big wire are the cause (too close to métal ground source)when moved away(2xwire size )issue go away (from my initial finding)sure would like to know if This happen to other bitog people too
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    walmart oil filter

    Any know if Walmart still carry the st-6607 with the bypass combo at the entrance?
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    acea c5 oil

    Any list of maker yet?
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    acea conundrum

    Ok c5 just came out (December)yep its that time again . In the past years I have been using Mobil delvac 5w30 le .its likely still the unfifial top of the hill oil it since the ck fa4 and now acea c5 I suspect the scene on the oil fromt is about to change .saw a ck sn oil from Kendall at a lve...
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    0% ethanol gas please

    ok i live in quebec and i need 0% ethanol gas ! where can i buy it?
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    what is the speed of frictional electricity

    is there a way to accurately and physically meaasure fricional electricity speed. or at least prove its faster? according to some dr it seem the actual frictional electricity speed is 157% and speed of light is 100% if this is accurate .basicly everything we think is actually might not be...
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    were tesla and einsteing really genius?

    Ok I was looking at tesla and Einstein concept as a phi rain puzzle . And someone will have to explain to why both guys work is incomplete ?like there is 33% of what's what missing ?didn't the atom exist back then?wasn't it known that there was an electron a neutron and proton .could any...
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    Spark such way?

    Does a spark on spark plug go from head to sparkplug center core?would adding a ground on the head prevent spark?
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    Static electricity accumulation of earth and human

    Ok , i had a brain [censored] this morning (epiphany)and this chain of idea got me a question: Context of the start of this idea:not long ago I was talking about static electricity in engine. Another nice fellow here supplied a link from a Japanese theory crafter team trying to debug why oil was...
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    anybody good in theorycrafting mathematic?

    ok if i got 3 different value what would be the theoretical total amount of possibility ?never having the same whatever can d o whatever you want with those tree value as long as the result is different and it only use those tree value then that possibility is valid ! what would be the...
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    Human generated static electricity?

    Ok on another thread here today I had an issue and got help giving me idea and this led me to my problem and fixe. Now, this fix led me to more question . This is the question :how do we check grounding potentiality problem of human body If my engine went lazy mode via aluminium wouldn't the...
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    Turbo diesel and electrostatic pain effect

    Ok. Is it possible that engine innards on turbodiesel with air to Air ,air cooler create a gigantic electrostatic gun effect and oven to cook . I ask because I ask because it is the only part the engine get caked with crud (intake engine head..only effect I know that can do this is...
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    Why isn't vw saving it self ?

    OK saw a guy with a diesel fuel vaporizer .since this can be done via the exhaust and all vw exhaust get very hot (turbo for the win)how come vw isn't adding a diesel fuel vaporiser? Wouldn't it be less costly for vw <a...
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    Tire drying?

    OK .how do I prevent tire drying .do I need to send it back to manufacturer so they can whatever do they usually do to make rubber plyable or there is no solution?tire is brand new but it's cracking like a 200 year old sage
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    My car exhaust pipe

    With the oil choice I made . it seem like nothing is going on in the exhaust side. Aside. From some water . I look into the muffler and I see the Ben in the pipe at the other end. The pipe is so clean it is insane. I know the car only has about 5500 mile . but shouldn't the exhaust become...