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    Sad story - check your oil

    I hate to admit it but it looks like I just lost a few thousand dollars due to not checking the oil in my Toyota Sienna van. I knew that the van was overdue for an oil change and I had already purchased a jug of 5W30 QS high mileage oil and a filter. I have moved twice in the last few months...
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    How to remove hard water deposits?

    What is the best method or product to remove hard water deposits from sinks and taps? Please don't say CLR - it does not touch these deposits.
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    Best way to clean alloy wheels

    I just bought a 2002 Honda Civic that came with a set of aftermarket alloy wheels. These wheels are very dirty - dark grey. But otherwise good with minimal curb rash. I am looking for ideas on how to restore them. If i am not successful I can always give them a coat of paint.
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    Alternatives to Honda Type 2 Coolant?

    I just purchased a 2002 Civic and the nearest Honda dealer is 120 km away. I would like to flush and change out the coolant. What is your recommendation for alternatives to the stock Honda type 2 coolant? What is your recommendation for a coolant flush that I can do at home? From what I have...
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    2009 Ford Flex Tranny Fluid change

    I am planning to help my brother do a 90,000 KM service this weekend. The ford stealer quoted $1,200 and one item was a transmission service for $300. I think he has a 6F50 transmission. What fluid is required? Mercon V? From my google search it looks like there is a drain plug on the...
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    Prescription glasses online?

    Please recommend a good website to buy prescription eyewear. I live in a small town in Canada and I went to the local eyewear shop and they are asking over $1,000 for good quality titanium frames and high index progressive Nikon lenses. I think it is time for me to try ordering a pair online...
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    How hot is too hot?

    A friend of mine asked me if 106C is an acceptable tranny fluid temperature. He reached 106C towing a 7500 lb trailer up a long hill, in 30C weather, with his 2010 Chevy Silverado. The dealer told him that the truck will go into limp mode at 142C. Is 106C fine in a automatic tranny?
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    Honda HRR216 drive - cheap fix

    My 13 year old Honda HRR216 mower rear wheel drive was not working anymore. It would pull intermittently or not at all. I changed out the belt with the correct Honda replacement, thinking that it is pretty old - I can't remember the last time I changed it. This didn't help. Then I tightened...
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    Help me choose a new PC

    My wife currently uses a 10 year old PC with a 40 GB hard drive. It has a newer 19" monitor. We also have wifi set up in the house and several newer laptops but she seems to mainly use the old PC which is getting very slow and locking up frequently. She mainly uses it to check email and surf...
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    Tire recommendation for 2009 Ford Flex SEL?

    My brother is shopping for new tires for his 2009 front wheel drive Ford Flex SEL. The OEM Goodyears are worn out and one has a sidewall crack after 75,000 km. He loves the way the vehicle handles with the OEM tires. Tire size P235/60R18 He is considering getting Goodyears from the Ford...
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    2000 Toyota Sienna 1MZ-FE - minimal sludge!

    My 2000 Toyota has 282,000 km on it. The front valve cover has started to leak so I decided to pull the cover and have a look. The last 7 oil changes have been PP 5W30 at about 8000 km OCI. Prior to that I used brand name (PYB, GTX, QS, etc) dino 5W30 changed at 10,000 km on average. I have...
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    Bar's leaks

    Has anyone had success with Bar's leaks or other products to seal a very slight cooling system leak? <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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    2005 Sunfire coolant problem

    I am helping a friend out tomorrow with her 2005 Sunfire. She has a slight smell of coolant inside the car that gets worse when the car is hot. I do lots of work on cars but I am not familiar with the Sunfire/Cavalier. I had a first look and I didn't see any evidence of a heater core leak -...
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    To stud or not to stud?

    I am in the market for a new set of winter tires for my Honda Accord. Winter conditions are severe where I live, with snow on the ground from December to mid-March. And, a wide range of temperatures and road conditions. My last 2 sets have been Blizzaks that worked well. Age old question...
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    Sewing machine oil?

    What type of oil is recommended for sewing machines and sergers? My wife has a tube of oil that came with the machine but it is not labled and almost gone. 3 in 1?
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    How many BITOG's to change a light bulb?

    1 to change the light bulb and to post that the light bulb has been changed. 14 to share similar experiences of changing light bulbs and how the light bulb could have been changed differently 7 to caution about the dangers of changing light bulbs 27 to point out spelling/grammar errors in...
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    Help interpreting Wix beta ratios?

    The Wix web site provides micron ratings and beta ratios for their filters. Here is an example of a common Honda filter: Part Number: 51334 UPC Number: 765809513341 Principal Application: Acura (88-05), Chevrolet (85-88), Dodge (91-96), Ford (88-96), Honda (72-09), Hyundai (89-09), Isuzu...
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    What is the gunk in QS gear oil?

    I just bought 2 quarts of Quaker State 75W140 synthetic gearlube to change the differential fluid in my BMW. As I was adding the new oil, the screen in the bottom of my funnel started plugging up. And, as I drained the bottle into the funnel a large chunk of what looked like snot came out...
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    Stupid question

    What is the correct method of checking automatic tranny fluid level? Hot = warmed up and check level with engine idling? I have a 2000 Toyota Sienna and it has hot and cold markings on the dip stick.
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    Pressure - more is better

    Increasing from 26 to 44 psi increases mpg from 31 to 32 on a Ford Focus. See figure 3 on page 17: <a href="" target="_blank"></a> Low rolling resistance tires help...