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    Gas and Oil Gurus needed

    I drive a car with a 5.7 Hemi engine - The recommended fuel is midgrade 89 octane. I have noticed the car runs better if I use premium 91 octane fuel. My question - Is there a greater risk of fuel dillution to my 5w-20 oil running 91 vs 89 octane gas. I usually use Castrol Syntec 5w-20.
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    Does premium unleaded burn hotter than regular

    Just curious - Does 91 octane gas create a hotter explosion than 87 octane? All input is appreciated.
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    Get yours now!!! - Before they're all gone!!!

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    Who makes Motorcraft Full Synthetic Motor Oil?

    Anybody know? The search function on this site is not the greatest - I know this has been asked before, I just cant find it.
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    This Oil says its MELLOWED for 80 MILLION YEARS!!!

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    What do we know about this product gentlemen?

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    Difference - SL rated 5w-20 and SM rated 5w-20??

    All right GURUS - What's the difference between SL rated 5w-20 and SM rated 5w-20??? Both oils are synthetic.
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    Is idling hard on motor oil? If so - then why?

    These days I find myself at lots of red lights and drive throughs - and I always wonder if idling is good for the engine oil or bad.
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    Do any conventional oils meet the Acura HTO-06?

    Is the Acura HTO-06 a synthetic only spec or are there Dino's that meet it?
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    Is Castrol GTX the thickest of the 5w-20 Dinos?

    I base this question on Cst #s ive seen.
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    Could this oil blend damage my engine?

    Would it be O.K. if I mixed 3 quarts of Castrol Syntec 5w-20 with 3 quarts of Castrol GTX 5w-20? Could this cause any lubrication problems?
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    Who makes BMW factory oil filters?

    Anyone know who makes OEM oil filters for Beemers?
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    Royal Purple Oil Filters - Same as Mobil 1????

    Does anyone know if there is a significant difference between these two filters?
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    Does Castrol Syntec 5W-20 produce good UOAs?

    Has anyone run Syntec in this weight - and had good UOA results?
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    Can Pennzoil Platinum last 1 year OCI safely?

    The annual mileage would be 8,000mi. But would PP hold up for the 1 year interval? Weight 5W-20
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    Castrol Syntec or Penzzoil Platinum?

    Lets hear some well educated opinions.