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    Oil injection pump issue. Polaris XLT snowmobile

    1995 Polaris XLT snowmobile. the lever on the pump is sticking - which is causing issues with the throttle cables. how to fix? or how to source other than used? I know, I could pre-mix, but I'd prefer to fix it correctly
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    Straight pipe

    CEL won't be affected unless you mess with the cats.
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    Aircraft partnership, non flying.

    That plane is beautiful! Certainly you have a passion for it - and you are familiar with the industry. Someone more practical may say: "how else could you make $ with the same money". However, to me, it depends how certain you are that you will come out ahead, or at least not lose anything...
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    Staplers But No Staples

    Ah, but what oil is the kid running in the Mazda 3 and what OCI?
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    getting car quotes via email negotiation

    Many dealers wont give prices via email. HOWEVER, in my experience: the dealers that wont give a price, are also very likely to play games in person. on our last 3 cars I DID get email responses. no games. very good prices.
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    Any Members With Classic/Muscle Cars?

    I assure you that THIS Ford runs more than 500HP, and that's before the bottle....
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    Audio updates on old headunits

    You can certainly run the speaker level outputs from your head unit into many amps that have those inputs. Also, to retain the proper "look" I just installed a Blaupunkt Bremen 46 into an older car. It has modern features with the old-school single din look.
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    Any Members With Classic/Muscle Cars?

    1970 Cougar. Had it since 1992. 408 stroked Dart block. Fuel injected. Nitrous. Roll cage. 4 point harnesses. Wilwood brakes, Eibach springs. My son did most of the work. Started on it when he was 11.
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    What are you working on today?

    Doing a fresh engine build. Adding a turbocharger to it.
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    Pep Boys Black Friday 2020 Preview Free 2 Ton Jack

    The Pep Boys near me does not sell merchandise - only does service.
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    Tires Caravan

    I have the Max Life's on the Jetta. I'm impressed. There's 20k on them now and they look new.
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    mitsubishi outlander

    Why?!?? We thought we wanted one until we test drove one. Unimpressive. Terrible seats. Very little discount. Jatco CVT. why would you want one?
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    VW's 1.4 TSI uses camshafts build into head...

    That engine is in our Jetta, minus the cylinder deactivation. Great mpg and lively acceleration. We're putting 20k annually on it, I hope it holds up.
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    Picked up a Copart vehicle

    Copart cars are intriguing - but it gets pricey if you need to go through a broker.
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    Sparkplug Pricing

    we make 1-many purchases daily on our commercial account at one of the chains. the discount is usually very small on most stuff. our commercial pricing on oil is higher than any sale price. we get good prices on house brand filters; and some deals on quantity purchases. the advantages...
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    AAA Triplex Pressure Washer Pumps vs CAT

    Be careful with high pressure on siding!
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    Can I use this old oil?

    I've run really old oil. Shake the bottle well.
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    Road Trip Items to Bring?

    Per occupant.... :)