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    Marine battery

    The battery in my 18ft Wellcraft stopped holding a charge. It's an Autocraft M24-1 marine battery with no build date. I've owned the boat for 3 years and the battery has and will always be kept on a trickle charger. I'm looking for a "Group 24". I have alot of options ranging from $65-$300...
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    Parking pad help

    Good morning, I'd like to make a parking pad to the left of my garage (see picture). Water sheds away from the garage where I want to build. My thought was to use railroad ties, stacked and pegged with rebar in the ground. This would give me a berm on the left of the proposed pad to...
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    Please educate me in Golf Carts

    I'm looking for a used golf cart for the family. I'm impartial to gas or electric and brands. What should I avoid, look for, etc! Thank you for your help!
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    97 Harley Davidson Sportster

    1997 XL883 w/1200 Kit professionally installed @ 7k miles by original owner. 14,817 original miles. Screaming Eagle slip-on exhaust, forward controls, drag bars, 883 Hugger rear shocks, front fork cut 1.25", two seats, rear sissy bar. Good tires w/ 3k on them. A few scratches on rear fender, one...
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    Help with window measurement

    My daughters room has a window that lost its seal, has no screen, and is almost 30 year old. The current window dimensions are below and in the pictures. The current window is 2''in deep and sits against the smaller inside dimensions I'd like to order a vinyl replacement window and want to...
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    About 40 weeks ago, when I was working remotely from home (Covid-19), I heard my wife say some naughty words in the bathroom. Those words were the unexpected, unplanned, and shocking news that she was pregnant, per a 99 cent pregnancy test. We have two girls, ages 5 & 2, and had previously...
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    Dodge Grand Caravan trans service or not?

    I have a new to me, 2019 Grand Caravan with 33k miles. It was an ex rental. I called the dealership to inquire about a trans drain and fill. Advisor said it was a sealed unit, and they don't service them. The fluid is lifetime or 100k.... I know there is a dipstick port and that the...
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    Washing machine/dryer questions?

    We're in the market for a new washing machine/dryer for a family of 6 that will have laundry working just about non-stop. With that said I have a few options and thoughts on each. Option 1- Purchase something new from Costco with a combined 5-6 year warranty that will cover all repairs. The...
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    Ever bought a car sight unseen?

    Because we just did..... with a 100% refundable deposit. Waiting on engine hours # and my inspection/test drive after it is shipped to local dealer. They have been very transparent thus far.
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    Oil change disaster

    Last night I was changing the fluids in my Hyundai as I'm selling it. I have a stash of oil and oil filters boxes that are labeled for each vehicle. Our old Toyota highlander (I recently sold) had a oil filter that looked identical to my Hyundal Elantras. I didn't label one oil filter box...
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    We found the "one", then walked away

    We found the exact minivan that my wife had wanted, down to the color, mileage, condition, etc. We've been casually looking for months. It was priced right were I wanted be so I brought my checkbook ready to close the deal. It drove just like I expected until.....I aggressively went through the...
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    Lost brakes today while driving

    I was driving my Hyundai in my signature this morning. I was at a stop light waiting for green when the pedal went soft. It immediately got my attention. My destination was 400'ft ahead so I limped into the parking lot with zero brake pressure. Lucky for me I simply downshifted and rolled into...
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    Creeping temp gauge

    I was sitting at drive through today. I glanced down at the the temp gauge and it was creeping up from 205-220, then repeatedly dropped back to 205. I turned the heat on full blast with the hope to get my food and pull over as the lady in front of me ordered the entire menu. The gauge never...
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    P0053 code definition HO2S Heater Resistance (Bank 1 Sensor 1)

    05 Suburban threw this code today. A quick google search indicates it could be a slew of things including the "upstream o2 sensor." It's a $30 part. Am I wrong for simply swapping this item out or am I missing a step? 02 sensor
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    New family vehicle! 05 Suburban

    My wife and I were in a predicament as we just found out we were expecting our 3rd child. A 3rd child means that my hatchback Elantra is no longer feasible. My wife’s Highlander would continue to meet our needs, but isn’t optimal. We also need a vehicle that can tow a 19ft boat, which the...
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    New vehicle: 2005 Suburban 1500 w/ air ride issue

    I purchased a 05 suburban from my grandfather. It has 68k, 4x4, leather, dvd system for the kids, in good condition. It's going to allow us to travel safely with our growing family, and tow our 2500lb boat with ease. I know that he paid 44k for it new. The one issue that I'm aware of is the air...
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    I'm sitting at an empty airport staring at this pretty, new plane. I had no idea that United Airlines just rolled out this new regional plane, the CRJ-550. I read up on why they made the change. I usually fly from GSP to ORD on these tiny 3 seat wide planes that is very cramped. I now look...
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    Vin report help?

    Does anyone have a better way to get a vehicle history report that doesn't cost $25-40? Carfax wants $39.99 and says it has 22 records, Autocheck costs $25 and says it has 17 records, My family is growing and the time is now! 2013 Grand Caravan w/ 91k Vin 2c4rdgcgxdr810003
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    Electrician question 120v/240v dual purpose cord.

    I'm purchasing a unit the operates on 120v OR 240V with the flip of a switch. The manufacture tells you to cut the cord to make the change from 120v to 240v. With that said, I'd like the flexability to use this unit on either 120v or 240v whenever I please. I'd like to use my existing 240v...
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    Making to jump to a minivan? Dodge Grand Caravan

    We just found out our family will be growing, yet again. With 2 kids and one on the way, my Elantra isn't going to work. I found a 2018, 1 owner, Dodge Grand Caravan SXT w/ 42k miles. New tires and in almost new condiiton. It has the Pentstar v6, which is why I'm drawn to it. Leather...