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    Post-paint cleanup

    As expected, the body shop did a less than stellar job on my paint job. This is their second try after I flatly rejected the car the first time I went to pick it up, due to paint runs I can see from ten feet away. Caliber Collision, if you're curious What can I use to get overspray off rubber...
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    Happy Friday to me

    Like the old adage goes, you can't have anything nice anymore. Parked the Focus on the street so I could get the thermostat installed in the Laser and get it out of the garage. Some time while I was standing over or laying under the running engine, keeping me from hearing the racket on the...
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    Ethanol Gas question - carburetor

    Sorry if this is a bit long, but I'd love some input on a subject that I've been pondering for over a year. A while back, I bought a '82 Mustang with the 3.3 I6, with the intent of bringing it back to life and using it as a daily driver. I spent good money putting in a new A/C, wheels, tires...
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    Capri Vacuum Brake Bleeder

    Hi Guys, bought a Capri Vacuum Brake Bleeder (CP21029), and had a failed attempt at brake bleeding over the weekend. The instructions say that it requires a compressor that can deliver 2 CFM. My 3-gallon says it provides 2.5CFM @ 90psi, and 3.4CFM @ 40psi. It was unable to suck more than...
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    Water Heater anode rod question

    Hey guys, Anyone here ever replaced their anode rod with one of the 3-piece units? My water heater doesn't have enough room above to install a one-piece. I'm just wondering if water movement will cause it to bang around inside the tank. Can that even happen? I didn't want to do it, but I can...
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    I know we've all encountered features on new cars that seem like excessive over-engineering, and items that solve problems that never existed. As a Mustang owner, this one made me shake my head until I was dizzy. If you replace the battery in a Mustang, the computer takes hours of...
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    Refusal to die I was a flight attendant at ASA, and seeing the turmoil that airline was put through on it's way to becoming part of Expressjet, I'm glad I left. Lots of folks unemployed by the folding of Expressjet, but maybe there's light somewhere in...
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    Bring a Trailer - Hysterical

    Folks in the market for an older, 'rare' car seem to have gone off the edge. I can't even believe what people are bidding for a Civic. I get it, it's the most coveted of the Si pedigree, and it's got extremely low mileage, but the current price on this car is lunacy. I scroll through BAT...
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    1986 Fiero GT Auto - Dallas, Texas

    Hey guys, decided to go a different direction with a "hobby car". Gotta admit, I'm a little too old for a car that sits this low to the ground. Love it, and it's been a fun project, but I need something a little more comfortable and easy to get in and out of. 1986, auto, 80,000 miles. I'm the...
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    Trimmer head lubrication

    Do you guys do anything to lube the trimmer head on your lawn trimmers? I noticed the other day that my 8-year-old trimmer head sounds like a dry bearing when it's spinning fast. It's not whining or screaming, it just sounds dry. It also gets pretty warm during use. I've poured some Redline...
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    Want to buy

    Hey guys, wanted to put a feeler out there to get some extra eyes on my search for a car. I'm looking to purchase one of the below, in good running and cosmetic condition, if you know of anyone that's looking to sell. Thanks! '86 - '89 Integra 5-speed '86 - '91 Prelude Si 5-speed '86 - 93...
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    '87 Integra timing belt question

    Hey guys, looking at a very well-preserved '87 Integra, and got word from the owner that the timing belt was changed on 4/13/2006 at 107,314 miles. It now has about 128,400 miles on it. Would you drive it?
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    Valve Cleaning Tip needed

    Hey guys, as soon as all the needed materials arrive, I'm going to clean the carbon off the intake valves of my 2017 Focus ST. One issue came to mind as I walked myself through the process. Do you guys have any ideas on a method / device to vacuum out the carbon sludge after I've soaked it in...
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    Vehicle Storage - What say you?

    Good morning, all, Just took part in a spirited debate over how one should manage a car that's going to be sitting for a while. No prep was discussed, just what you should and should not do during the course of the storage, of maybe a couple of months. A battery tender was a popular piece of...
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    Merrrrrrry Christmas!

    T'was a bad Christmas, vehicle-wise. Hail in Chandler, wood on the road in Seagoville, mattresses on the road in Mesquite. Folks really need to secure their loads. Merry Christmas to me....a new grille, and who knows how many dents to be removed, as I haven't had it under a florescent light yet.
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    2015 GMC Canyon 3.6 Oil Consumption

    Hey guys, My 2015 Canyon has been consuming ~1qt every 5,000 miles since it was a year old. I ran across an old post I started on the Colorado Forums that I had forgotten about, until last night when I checked the oil in the truck and found it to be alarmingly low again (on the dipstick...
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    2015 Canyon keyless remote issue

    Hey guys, recently had an issue with one of the remotes provided with the truck when purchased new. The 2nd remote and spare key has lived in a utility drawer in the house all its life. I can count on one hand how many times it's been used to unlock & drive the truck. I grabbed it the other...
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    WWYD? Battery Choice - 2015 Canyon

    Hey all, Will be driving the 2015 Canyon from Dallas to Galveston for a week-long vacation in September, and started remembering back to all the batteries I've replaced over the years. I recall that the most I've ever gotten out of an OEM battery is 6.5 years, and that was in a garage queen...
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    Thought you guys might enjoy some car rankings. I don't necessarily agree with all listed, but I did enjoy some of the pictures. "Hottest" is a very subjective word. <a...
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    2019 Chevy Monza

    Who woulda thunk GM would bring this name back? Not for U.S. consumption, but China's getting it. Interesting for those of us who had one of the originals from the late 70s. Comes with your choice of a 1 litre turbocharged three cylinder or a 1.3 litre turbocharged three cylinder. 1...