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  1. dogememe

    Do these autolite double plats need replacement?

    Ford 4.2, rough idle, no misfires, no codes. Runs fine at higher rpm. Gap was almost exactly the spec of 0.054.
  2. dogememe

    tri coil pack = waste spark?

    My 2007 f150 with a 4.2 V6 has one coil. It seems to have three coils built into the one coil. Pardon the dumb question but does that mean it's waste spark ignition?
  3. dogememe

    UOAs of O'Reilly FSHM?

    Hi all, I'm wondering if anyone has any UOAs using O'Reilly Full Syn High Mileage? Or another store brand FSHM made by Omni? I couldn't find any. Thanks.
  4. dogememe

    2002 F-150 4.2 V6 Tick

    Latest acquisition, yes the price was very much right. About 200K miles. It runs and drives fine and passed the smog test but it makes a ticking noise. Where in the heck do I start? Thanks.
  5. dogememe

    Syntec by O'Reilly

    Seems pointless to me. Nothing on the label explains why it's worth paying extra compared to the regular O'Reilly synthetic. Price-wise it's not a good value when whatever name brand oil is on sale is actually cheaper. Thoughts?
  6. dogememe

    fog lights

    My 01 Suburban came with fog lights. They're absolutely useless. One of the regular bulbs was burned out so I replaced them with a set of LEDs. Now they're even more useless. Any suggestions for new housings either halogen, HID, LED, anything? That will fit in the stock place in the bumper and...
  7. dogememe

    What is up with the inconsistent filling on these Gumount bottles?

    All of these have the seal intact! What is up with the variation of the level in these bottles. They can't possible all be 12oz? And wow look at the difference in color of the two All-in-one bottles!!
  8. dogememe

    ugly new RP jugs

    Is it just me or is this the ugliest shaped oil jug ever??
  9. dogememe

    Metrostreet filter off 89 Corvette

    This piece of junk and the accompanying icky oil were removed from an 89 Corvette. A Wix filter and 5w-40 O'Reilly synthetic were installed. I'm sure it's much happier now! The very uneven filter media seems way too small for a V8 (the correct Wix filter is way taller) and the adbv was weirdly...
  10. dogememe

    defective ACDelco filter??

    On my suburban I started noticing the oil pressure gauge would flutter at idle. I had two nightmares about the oil filter being defective so I changed the oil yesterday. Different brand of oil doubt that would matter but instead of an ACDelco filter I went to Wix XP. My oil pressure is now...
  11. dogememe

    89 c4 oil

    would oreilly syn euro 5w-40 be an acceptable oil choice for a c4 corvette with stock 350? thanks y'all.
  12. dogememe

    various vintage oil filters cut apart

    i was bored and these weren't selling on ebay so i cut them apart for your viewing pleasures first up is a checker c8
  13. dogememe

    severe duty fan clutch?

    In my 2001 Suburban with 293k the stock fan clutch must have been worn out because extended idling or stop and go traffic or off roading at slow speeds but high load was causing overheating and AC performance in this conditions sucked. I installed a new "severe duty" Hayden/Murray 2786 and now...
  14. dogememe

    01 Suburban 1500 4x4 poor handling new shocks

    From the day I bought my Suburban about 10-15k miles ago I noticed that it had a very floaty handling and it just felt unstable at high speeds and around corners. This is my first GMT800 but I've owned a dozen GMT400s and other large vehicles so I'm used to driving full size trucks and SUVs...
  15. dogememe

    Would Bars Engine Repair fix a misfire?

    I've posted before about my 2001 Chevy 5.3 with 292K on the clock misfiring above about ~4000rpm but running fine otherwise. I tried changing the coil, wires, plugs, injectors, etc. It got a little better but didn't completely fix the problem. Members here suspected it was a mechanical...
  16. dogememe

    motul gear 300 75w-90

    We have two quarts of this at work that we ordered for someone but they didn't want it and for some reason now we can't sent it back... It's been sitting around for like 6 months. I'm sure I can get a good deal on it. Is this a good product and would it work for the differentials on my 01...
  17. dogememe

    P0141 - GM O2 Sensor Questions

    Dealing with a confirmed (MIL requested) P0141 and intermittent (non-MIL) P0161 on the good ole 290K mile 2001 Chevy Suburban 5.3. I have had trouble with Bosch O2s in the past and so I prefer to stick to ACDelco or Denso sensors when it comes to GM trucks. For this application the ACDelco...
  18. dogememe

    4114 bulb in Amber

    I'm looking to replace my daytime running light bulbs in my Suburban with Amber bulbs, I'm having a heck of a time finding any!!? Any ideas? Thanks.
  19. dogememe

    01 Suburban e-fans on a budget

    Apparently doing this right would involve a new cooling fan assembly from a newer model year truck for $200, a PCM tune for $255, replacing the AC line with one from a newer model to get a pressure reading for the PCM, and that's way out of budget. The primary reason I want e-fans is quicker...
  20. dogememe

    belt squeaking suddenly

    2001 Chevy Suburban 5.3 with about 291k miles. Bought the truck used a while back so no idea when belt was last changed. Drove it earlier in the day, no noise... Got home, parked it, then two hours later went to go somewhere and the belt squeaks now. What causes the belt to suddenly squeak...