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    Favorite WM Stocked Car Wash Soap ?

    I used to insist on Gold Class, but my new favorite is Meguiar's Ultimate.
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    Lawn Mower Maintenance

    Moisture in the oil? I run the mower, drain the oil, pour the new oil in and park it. I don't see much of an opportunity for moisture to get in. If I have to make a choice between moisture-laden new oil or moisture-laden old oil sitting in the engine all winter, I'll take the new oil.
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    Lawn Mower Maintenance

    I do everything before I park it for the winter. Clean & degrease, oil, blade, air filter, spark plug, Tru-Fuel up to the filler neck. Come springtime, it's just prime and pull.
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    Annoying rev hang in my MT car

    If you want to try something really fun, let your foot get used to this new method, and then hop in an old car with a cable-actuated throttle. LOL.
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    Honda's turbo engines?

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    Honda's turbo engines?

    Move up to the 2.0 turbo, and treat everyone to this view. LOL
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    Memories of my first wax job

    My first waxing experience was with Rain Dance paste. Didn't go on, or come off easy, if memory serves. Don't know what kind of paint was on my Mother's '72 Monte Carlo (in 1977) but it did actually have a clear-coat like finish to it. The wax didn't bake on like OP's, but it took 3 people...
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    Getting even when neighbors despise each other...

    He might if someone will step up and make his life a living hell. These neighbor wars are two-way streets.
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    Fun With a Porsche 928

    Have never been 100% in love with the 928's looks, but always admired the offering of a "big" (back then) V8 grand tourer for its presence as a personal luxury performance coupe, and the 911's bigger (but not older) brother. But you have to admit that no Porsche from that era could be accused...
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    Getting even when neighbors despise each other...

    The lavish folks need to do their homework to find out the details of what's allowed, and what's not. The city may have a rule about a vehicle being parked in the same spot for a certain number of hours or days, which they could take advantage of if they stay on top of it. They could also...
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    2017 Kia Optima EX Trans fluid?

    Rock Auto sells a filter and pan gasket set for this job (2.4 N.A.), which usually indicates that you need to pull the pan to do a transmission fluid swap on this car.
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    Copart 2018 Versa biohazard car

    I caught a ride home from the bar with a buddy one night in his Eclipse, and when I got in the car, I stepped ankle deep in aluminum cans. I don't understand a life where that's normal and ok. I'm sure glad I didn't get to see his house.
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    Smart home

    Mine's semi-smart. Most of the house lights are hooked to Amazon Alexa. Some on timers, others turn on and off when you tell it to. Thermostat is a very simple electronic programmable, as I like it to to start cooling down when I go to bed and I like the furnace to come on about 5 minutes...
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    ⬆️ The heart of the problem.
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    Tire repair, stone inside

    A large national chain won't touch that. Find an independent. Ol' Joe on the corner will patch that on the inside. That gash looks too large for a plug.
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    110K miles on factory filter

    Seeing something like that would prompt me to do an immediate fluid change on every component that has fluid in it.
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    How long do you drain your motor oil?

    As long as it takes for me to go wash my hands, eat dinner, watch some TV, play with the dogs, and muster the ambition to go back out to finish the job. Sometimes that's overnight.
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    Copart 2018 Versa biohazard car

    Will never understand how someone can ride around in what equates to a self-propelled dumpster.
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    Covers of songs (only good ones, PLEASE!)

    I think B&D did an amazing job with this song.