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  1. TiGeo

    VW 511.00?

    Saw a post on my IG feed today about Liquimoly's VW511.00 5W40 in the new Audi RS6 Avant. Anyone know what differences there are with this approval?
  2. TiGeo

    Some p/s love for the Passat W8

    Decided to do a poor-man's p/s flush - 3x drain/fill the reservoir. Using Liquimoly fluid and stop leak. Really like the LM bottle - has an extendable fill hose. Old stuff looked pretty at least green rather than green/brown vomit color..hhahaha. Also some Jectron b/c why not.
  3. TiGeo

    2018 VW Sportwagen 52K 6K OCI Liquimoly Molygen 5W40 w/track use

    I did a mid-OCI UOA check on this oil that I posted last month. This oil has several track days on it with triple-digit mph sustained use as well as a mountain hooning run with elevated oil temps. This oil was also put in just before I swapped in a new larger turbo and some other associated...
  4. TiGeo

    '13 Ford Focus Supertech syn or syn high mileage?

    Thinking of my next oil change on our '13 Focus that I have owned since new. Always had dealer oil changes since new because they were part of the purchase. Motorcraft syn blend 5W20 over its 110K mile life with Motorcraft filters. No notable oil consumption. Average OCI has been about 6500...
  5. TiGeo

    Mobil 1 0W40 Euro VOA

    From the mart of wall. My baseline for a UOA coming up in a few mos. to compare how this looks vs. the Liquimoly oils I've been using/abusing in my Sportwagen.
  6. TiGeo

    Liquimoly Motor Oil Saver

    Figured I'd try it for my new-to-me 8 Passat wagon. It's got 103k on it and has some oil weeping from the oil pan so figured this may help. Anyone else have positive results with this additive?
  7. TiGeo

    W8 Passat wagon now in my garage...gulp....

    Had it delivered last week from Doug Demuro's auction site Cars & Bids: Auctions of cool modern cars, trucks, and SUVs ( I always wanted one and remember when they were first out - these were $40K new and I probably made that n 2003..hahaha. I've been spending time going over...
  8. TiGeo

    Blackstone humor

    Blackstone humor in New test kits.
  9. TiGeo

    Post your latest K&N (or similar) filter cleaning

    Post your miles on the filter since last cleaning. I'll start. 14K miles/7 mos. It's a Neuspeed filter from my intake but this is just a re-badged K&N. Been driven hard (including track time) and in some pretty dusty conditions on a mountain cruise and as I'm finding, open-element intakes...
  10. TiGeo

    Liquimoly Leichtlauf High Tech 5W40 - updated product sheet

    It looks like the U.S. product sheet for the LM Leichtlauf High Tech 5W40 was updated recently and the 100 deg viscosity number is a bit lower now, 12.9....used to be 14. What would cause that? I ran a VOA on it a while back and got back a number in the 13s but that's when this was showing 14...
  11. TiGeo

    2018 VW Golf Sportwagen 48K 3K mid-OCI peek Liquimoly Molygen 5W40 after track weekend/new turbo

    Changed my oil before I had a new larger turbo installed. Shortly after I did 2 days of HPDE where it got beat on pretty good with sustained triple-digits/near triple-digits and high oil temps so figured I’d have a look at the oil. ~3K on the Liquimoly Molygen 5W40. I expected higher wear...
  12. TiGeo

    How-to on returning oil to FCP Euro for a refund

    Here's how to take full advantage of FCP Euro's 100% Lifetime Replacement Guarantee to get discounted oil changes for your Euro car. Figured I'd de-mystify this process and place this here with the rebate/deals etc. b/c it's basically the same thing. The common concerns are 1) is it ok to...
  13. TiGeo

    Castrol Edge 5W40 VOA

    Probably a few here but my point of doing this one is it's as close as I can get to the dealer bulk Castrol 5W40 VW uses (should be the same?) and I use this in my Atlas as the dealer has done the oil changes thus far and it's good to have a baseline.
  14. TiGeo

    Increase in viscosity with OCI - oxidation?

    It appears from my data/trend line that I *may* see an increase in viscosity as my OCI increases past ~7K as the trend line appears to starts bending back upwards. I take from reading up on this that this is likely due to oxidation. Thoughts? You always need more data and I know this is a...
  15. TiGeo

    2018 VW tuned Golf Sportwagen 46K/5.5K OCI Liquimoly Molygen 5W40

    Consistent. I have used the Liquimoly Proline Engine flush the last 2 changes and I wonder if the slight residual you will get is why my viscosity is slightly lower than it has been - it should only be a tiny bit left in there volume-wise vs. the ~6qt fill and based on the UOA I did post-flush...
  16. TiGeo

    How-to on returning oil to FCP Euro for a refund

    Here's how to do it. Changed my oil this past weekend so figured I'd de-mystify this process. The common concerns are 1) is it ok to mail/ship used oil? and 2) how does FCP make money offering this? Yes, as far as I can tell from my research, it's ok to mail the used oil just like it's ok to...
  17. TiGeo

    Motul vs. Liquimoly 5W40

    Posted over on the MK7 VW Golf etc.. Facebook group. Looks like LM sheared less...
  18. TiGeo

    New Liquimoly DI Jectron

    New, still on the boat though :(
  19. TiGeo

    Oil company swag

    Post up your oil company swag. Got a shirt some stickers and this sweet air freshener!
  20. TiGeo

    Wagon superiority thread

    Show me your wagons. Always have loved the small Euro-style station wagons and too bad we don't really have any affordable ones left at this point, decimated by the crossover. Practical and fun to drive. Let's see yours. Here's my 2018 VW Golf Sportwagen. It's the S trim with 4Motion and...