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  1. sajohnson

    Mobil 1 ESP 5W30 vs Shell Rotella T6 Multi-Vehicle 5W-30

    Not trying to start a war -- just looking for opinions as to which oil would be best to use in a 2008 Sprinter 3500 with a Winnebago box on it (running full GVW, mountain roads, engine braking, high rpm). In the past I always used Valvoline SynPower 5W-40, but after going thru the Mercedes...
  2. sajohnson

    B&S Lawn mower oil type recommendations

    I just found this B&S page <a href="" title="httpswwwbriggsandstrattoncomnaenussupportfaqsbrowsemoweroiltypeandcapacityhtmloilfinder"...