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    DA lubricant company???

    I work at a dealership for a forlift brand which is starting to market their own branded oil. It is from the DA Lubricant Co. Their 10w-30 is API CI-4, CH-4, CG-4 SL. It is to be used in their gas/LP, and diesel engine forklifts, construction equipment. Now the price, dealer cost $1.17 qt...
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    Schaeffers motorcycle test!

    Has anyone seen the papers floating around from Schaeffers showing a comparison between engines using HD oil and theirs. They use a heat gun to measure heat coming off of each engine, real scientific. The test also fails to say if HD oil is synthetic like theirs.
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    Evinrude/Amsoil oil

    Just for your information. Amsoil does not make a 2 cycle oil at this time to use in place of the Evinrude XD100. The XD100 is a lean mix 2cysle oil. They did say that HPI could be used if the delivery system was reprogrammed to a richer mix ratio.
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    Amsoil re-design of filters

    Amsoil announces it is re-designing, re-engineering the few smaller affected filters. EAO 9, 10, 13, 57
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    AMSOIL new grease

    Is the new polymeric truck, chassis and equip. grease replacing the HD grease.
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    Amsoil Quickshot SE

    Anyone know anything about the soon to be released new product from Amsoil- Quickshot SE ? Has something to do with the use of ethanol and its impact in the powersports applications.
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    New Shear Stability test by AMSOIL

    Has any one seen the new shear stability test on diesel oils. Amsoil compared to Rotella, Delvac, Delo, and Valvoline.
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    Kart racing oil.

    Have been asked in the past what the weight of the Thor or Kool power oils were. No one seemed to know but the oils looked very thin. Got a email from Thor and they said the light is a 20 weight and the heavy is a 28-30 weight. Since I got this letter my friends are willing to try the AMSOIL...
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    Jeep fender flares

    What can you do to make the Jeep plastic fender flares look better. I have tried all the normal, armor all, back to black etc. Is there any thing permanent that you can do like paint or coat with something? I can not believe that Jeep made these fender flares, they just look bad!
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    Amsoil EAO88

    Is there any news on a new generation of the EAO88. It was my understanding when they dropped the filter that a new version would appear this year. What was the original reason why they dropped this filter, it was so highly touted when the introduced it.
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    5w-40 or 15w-40

    2007-up diesels. Using Amsoil Premium cj-4 only. Which would you use the 5w-40 or the 15w-40???
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    plastic trim

    Friend has 05 Jeep with the black-gray plastic fender extentions which needs some help. What is the best product to restore and protect and last. Do not want something that will wash off the first time you wash it. I've heard of a product, Back to Black??? not sure who makes it or if it's any...
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    Hyundai - Toyota

    I was told recently that Toyota builds the engine and trannys for the Hyundai Sonata. I know these days you never know who builds what!
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    EAO 50 filter

    Maybe this was discussed and I missed it, but I tried to buy a EAO50 and they tell me it's been discontinued. First it was the EAO47 and was replaced with the EAO50 and now it's been pulled.
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    Interesting Amsoil info.

    March was Amsoils second strongest sales months ever. According to Quantcast-They revealed that Amsoils website ranks number 12,229 among all web sites worlwide. Top 1%
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    What's up with AMSOIL coming back out with the SDF88 in place of the EAO88. Was their problems we did not know about with the EAO88 highly touted filter? Where is the new as promised 88? Is it going to delayed longer and that is the reason for the issue of the SDF?
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    Chevy 6.0

    I am buying a used Chevy 3500 cargo van. Any concerns for the 6.0 engine??? Good reputation??
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    AMSOIL for new E-tech engines

    I understand the BRP is very touchey about oil for the new Ski Doo e-tech engine (similiar to Evinrude E-tech's) Would Amsoil Interceptor be the choice for this application?
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    Any new news on EAO88 filters

    Is there any new news on the Amsoil EAO88. What was the real reason for stopping production. I hope Amsoil soon comes with a cartridge style filter to fit the GM 2.2 engines.