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    Mobil 1 AFE 0W-20, 13,823 miles, 2003 Honda Odyssey

    Honestly, I was a little worried about running almost 14k on this run. I was comfortable averaging 10k. I got a little busy and didn't pay much attention to the sticker thinking this was another 11-12k run until I looked back at my last UOA and saw this was 13.8k. Either way, thankfully, this...
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    11 Toyota Venza V6, dealer bulk, 5W30 4700mil

    I finally got my oil report back from Blackstone on my 2011 Toyota Venza. I sent in my sample the first week of January and then checked on the USPS tracking of the oil sample about 3 weeks later since I didn't see anything from Blackstone. Not the fault of Blackstone, the tracking showed it...
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    Back to the Future day

    Any Back to the Future fans? If you remember from part 2 Marty and Doc went to the future date of Oct 21, 2015 which is today! Too bad we don't have flying cars, self lacing shoes or self drying jackets yet. Although some companies are taking advantage of today. You can option out a new Ford...
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    Mobil 1 / 0W-20 / 10k / 2003 Honda Odyssey

    Here's a 10k run with my van. This is the first time I've done an OCI at 10k until I found this forum. I was actually a little bit nervous about this OCI since about half way through the OCI, the van was doing a lot more short trips (1 mile commute with some running around town) compared to the...
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    Continental Tire Monterey Grand Prix Laguna Seca

    Here are a few pictures I photographed from the Continental Tire Grand Prix at Laguna Seca (Mazda Raceway). I lived in CA all my life, and it was my first time going to that race track. My favorite is the first one. I usually photograph landscapes, so it was fun photographing race cars for the...
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    Amazon sells Pennzoil Ultra 55 Gallon Drums

    Wow, who'd of thought Amazon sells a 55 gallon drum of Pennzoil Ultra. Comes out to about $6.86 a quart and free 2 day shipping if you have Amazon prime. It's not in stock, but I wonder how many people actually think of ordering 55 gallon oil drums from Amazon.