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    I still think Mobil 1 HM is the best

    The SL-rated M1, can't attest to the others. Got a '07 Impala with the 3.5L and about 120,000mi, switched it from Valvoline Maxlife blend 5w30 to Mobil 1 HM 5w30. The oil I took out had about 6000mi on it. I didn't really expect to notice anything different because the engine runs fine, but I...
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    Redline D4 or D6 in 4T65E

    Was reading another thread and this brought up a question I had. I used Redline D4 in a Honda automatic that had problems, and it actually solved the issue of a harsh 2-1 downshift in that transmission when accelerating from like 5mph, as well as solving a weird clunk feel it had when going from...
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    Looking for a 3" non-reusable cone filter

    Hi all, I'm trying to figure out what would be the best cone filter in this case. I don't want a K&N or anything oilable/reusable because I am just not impressed by their filtration capabilities. I need a 3" cone filter with a good quality paper/synthetic element, preferably something with a...
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    BG Products Universal Synthetic ATF

    A well-known Volvo shop around here uses this particular ATF in transmissions which require JWS-3309 specification. The shop owner also claims to use some additive by this company which I forget the name of, but he makes claims that it works better in Aisin-Warner automatic transmissions than...
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    Not to be a bandwagon-jumper-onner, but....

    I really agree with a lot of people on here regarding things I've read in the past about Pennzoil Platinum. For the first time I used PP 5w30 in my '00 Volvo V70 and my engine has never sounded so quiet when starting on a cold day. It even sounds a little quieter when its warmed up, too. Oils I...
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    for all you YB luvvers.....

    not sure how good a price this is but it seemed alright. $2.49 per qt if you buy 2 (or 4 or 6 or 8 and so on) @ walgreens.
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    why does this board censor more than network TV?

    or broadcast radio for that matter? the censoring here is pretty unreasonable. why is it like that?
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    Which Dexron-III ATF would you choose?

    Looking to do a fluid replacement (drain/fill/drive/drain/fill/drive several times till fluid comes clean) on a 91 Mazda 626. The fluid in there now is not burnt, it's just time for the service. Seeing as it's a good thing to replace the fluid in this unit yearly, I don't find it necessary to...
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    Idea I had about ester compressor oil

    You know, the stuff used in air conditioner compressors. I wonder if it would clean an engine if you were to add some to the crankcase? Anyone tried it?
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    Using 5w20 in motor spec'd for 5w30?

    Have seen lots of people running 5w30 in 5w20-spec'd cars, but not the opposite. Would this increase wearsurface metals in oil over time? Would it help improve gas mileage? Would the engine be more happy to rev? What would be the costs versus benefits, if any? Just kind of curious, that's...
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    Supertech = FRAM?

    OK for example, the Fram filter for my Mazda is PH3593A. The SuperTech walmart one is ST3593A. The cross reference is the same for a Honda Civic as well, but I don't remember the part#. I have never bought either of these filters for fear of failure, but I find it interesting that those part#'s...
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    Cheap filter for short oci's/engine cleaning oci's

    Advance Auto "TotalGrip Protection Plus". It's their house brand. Looks to be pretty decent, I am doing a short oci w/ CD-2 for engine cleaning and decided to use one of these. They are less than $2 per filter! Anyone know who makes these? The construction seems pretty good on them. If nothing...
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    Seems like CD-2 oil detergent is similar to ARX

    After looking around and reading I think that Auto-RX and CD-2 Oil Detergent are very similar if not basically the same. CD-2 smells like a high-quality synethetic oil (esters?) and has the same color as oil, but a bit lighter weight maybe a 5-10w? also I have read that CD-2 will send all the...
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    cleaning sludge out of cylinder head manually

    with the head off, what chemical is compatible with oil that i could use to clean all the [censored] off the parts? preferably something i could spray it down with that won't hurt seals, etc.? want to clean off the valves and combustion chamber/intake/exhaust port areas, as well as what's under...
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    PL14459 oversize?

    For most Hondas, or L14459 (purolator), is there an oversized filter that will fit this spec? thank you.
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    best motor oil for 91 Mazda 626?

    has 2.2L F2 (non-turbo) engine. the manual is unavailable, ive checked some mazda forums and some people are using 5w40, some 10w30, and so on, generally a 30 or 40-weight. the car uses a little oil but not too bad, and has 164k miles on it. can anyone recommend a good brand and viscosity for...
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    Getting a car for basically nothing, hoping to fix

    I have come across the opportunity to obtain a '91 Mazda 626. The car runs and drives, but the current owner says it has low compression in 2 cylinders. He also said his mechanic claimed it has something to do with the valves in these two cylinders. I'm guessing this is either caused by a burnt...
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    UOA 2000 Volvo V70, Valvoline Maxlife 5w30, 5937mi

    <img src="" alt="" /> So here's the first UOA I've ever done. The make-up oil is from a defective drain bolt crush washer, not from oil burning. I know this because I discovered the leak one day in the driveway after the car sat for about a week...
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    JWS-3309 ATF Specification

    My vehicle, a 2000 Volvo V70, has an Aisin-Warner AW55 transmission that requires a fluid compatible with JWS-3309 spec. Mobil 3309 is one option, as is Amsoil Synthetic ATF, and I have heard that Toyota Type T/IV is acceptable but unable to verify. The ones which I do know are compatible, are...
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    Quaker State Synthetic, oil life in Volvo I5 motor

    Namely the Q-Torquepower since that's what I have, but info on the Q-Horsepower would be interesting to know, also, since it's a good deal and I might buy it when my oil stash runs low. I have searched way back for UOA's on this oil, and it seems that either the amount of miles people put on it...