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    Do you need to change spark plugs after carbon tracking?

    A few weeks ago, I noticed my engine would "stumble" in drive when waiting at a stop light. It would do this a few times, but no check engine light came on. Eventually, I connected my scan tool and found out cylinder 5 had 20 misfires. I changed all sparkplugs 20K miles ago with OEM Double...
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    New NAPA Battery Chargers

    So Napa just announced a line of smart battery chargers. Do you think they're worth getting? It seems you can get more amps for less money here than buying a NOCO charger
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    Dealer bent AC lines

    I went to have the rear valve cover gaskets replaced on my car at my dealer. A few days after I got my car back, I noticed they bent this AC line wayyy out of shape. I’m pissed off. Especially since there was no reason to touch these lines. There’s plenty of videos with people doing this job...
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    Replace Steering Rack or Not?

    A week ago I took my Cadillac DTS to the dealer to get the rear valve cover gaskets replaced. My car has an extended warranty on it. A few days later I get a call from the dealership saying my steering rack is leaking. It would take a few days to replace the rack, but everything would be...
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    Pep Boys Black Friday 2020 Preview Free 2 Ton Jack

    I just got this email from Pep Boys. This is a preview of their Black Friday sale. The oil deals are meh. But they do have a free 2-ton jack after rebate.
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    When is the next NAPA filter sale?

    I know in the Spring Napa sometimes sells their Platinum filters for $6 or $5. Will they do the same for November/December? I'm due for an oil change soon and I'd like to get one on sale.
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    FYI, Napa Full Synthetic is rated SP

    I'll try and post a picture, but I purchased a quart of Napa Full Synthetic oil since it was on sale. I looked at the back and saw that the donut mark said API SP on it. Which includes the specs for SN+ and SN. The last time I bought Napa oil a few months ago, It just said API SN on the bottle.
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    Why does Carquest Dexron VI smell funny?

    I had to do a short drain and fill of my transmission. When I finished, I was about one quart low so I needed to buy an extra quart. I decided to buy Carquest Dexron VI. So as I open the bottle, I notice an acrid smell. I smelled the Carquest Dexron and boy did it smell bad! Before this, I've...
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    I guess you should check your lug nut torque

    I had my tires rotated today at Mavis discount tire. I was watching the tech and saw he used a cordless impact to tighten the lug nuts. I assumed he set the torque setting on the impact to something reasonable like 100ft pounds. The shop had torque wrenches and a whole poster about lug nut...
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    Do dealers do this often?

    My friend bought a car at Dealership A a few years ago. The dealership installed black license plate covers with dealership A's name on it. Since my friend regularly services his car at Dealership A and that dealer treats my friend well, My friend left those license plate covers installed...
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    What kind of grease is this?

    This is the sunroof tracks on my 2011 Cadillac DTS. When I bought the car, it had more of this yellow grease on the tracks, but I think some washed off after a few years. What kind of grease is this yellow grease? It seems to be some kind of Lithium grease. It's not GM Superlube because...
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    Champion Hybrid Wiper Blades for $4 It looks like these wiper blades are on some kind of clearance. They're $15 normally, but online they're priced around $4. They seem to be re-branded Trico Exact Fit Hybrid Wiper Blades which cost $12 normally. They have...
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    Take my car to the dealership or wait?

    So after randomly looking under my car the other day, I saw an oily substance on my right front tire. I looked closer and saw that my caliper was leaking. I felt no difference in my brake pedal. My fluid did get a little low, but I thought that's because of brake pad wear I have a GMEPP...
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    Can you use a sample from the oil filter?

    I'd like to do an oil analysis for my last oil change, But I have a Quick Lube do my oil changes with my own oil and filter and I wasn't sure if they would remember to sample the oil. I was able to take back my old oil filter and drain some oil remains to a container. Could this remaining oil...
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    Rotated tires the wrong way?

    <img src="" alt="[Linked Image]" class="post-image" style="height:auto!important;max-width:100%!important;"/> The first time I had my tires rotated, I accidentally told my mechanic to rotate them...
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    Dent on oil filter

    I bought this oil filter and then I noticed it has this dent on it. The dent is about half a cm wide and maybe 0.5 mm deep. The filter is a PBL25288 Is it still okay to use? <img src="" alt="[Linked Image from]" class="post-image"...
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    Lexol removing paint from leather seat?

    Today I started to clean the driver side leather seat of my 2011 DTS. I decided to use the Orange Lexol leather cleaner. I shook the product, applied it to my cloth and began to rub it on the leather, when I looked at the cloth it looked darker than I thought. Is this dirt coming off my seat...
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    A/C Clutch Failure time.

    I have a friend who owns a Chevrolet Camaro that's a few years old. I don't remember the exact year. The car has about 50K miles on it. The AC stopped working. I took a look at it and saw the compressor wasn't engaging. I checked the fuse and it was good. I then replaced the A/C compressor...
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    Balanced multiple times, still vibrating?

    When I first bought my 2011 DTS and was driving it back home, I noticed a vibration at around 60-62mph. The vibration felt like it was coming from the front passenger side. It didn't bother me much and I figured I'd get it re-balanced at some point. A few months later I went to a tire shop and...
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    Abnormal Wear on Tire?

    In January 2019, I bought 4 new BF Goodrich Advantage T/A Sport Tires for my 2011 DTS. They have been pretty good so far. I have put about ~6000 Miles on them. However, I am starting to notice this kind of peeling by the edges. These are only on the front tires. The rears look fine. When the...