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    Jalopnik: A Huge Chunk Of America Is Getting A New Electric Car Charging Network

    ^ Most people will be charging at home, overnight (although that’s not so easy for people in apartments). With EA or Tesla Superchargers you’re paying a premium for occasional use on road trips and such. My electric company charges 2.4¢/kWh to charge your EV while you sleep. Wake up to a “full...
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    UA flight #328 loses engine over Broomfield CO.

    RE: ratting turbine blades. “AgentJayZ” has great videos about turbine engines. I think he runs a turbine rebuild shop in Canada.
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    Charging standardization

    ^ Engineering Explained just did a video today on the VW ID.4. He mentioned at the Electrify America (VW funded) stations the Ford Mach-e is just plug and go, whereas the ID.4 (ironically) needs to be activated within an app. Nice system if you can just plug in with no other steps!
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    Shower Systems

    I’ve used the Schluter-KERDI system, including the foam floor pan and curb. Great system, although I’m sure all the competing brands are just as good. Homelux, Prova, etc. I just watched a bunch of YouTube videos and it was pretty straightforward. The hardest part was setting the floor drain...
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    Charging standardization

    It is really dumb and hurts EV adoption. Europe was smart and kinda-sorta standardized with CCS. The USA/North America is a mess. Tesla even went to CCS in Europe. Skip to 11:00 for info about plug types.
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    UA flight #328 loses engine over Broomfield CO.$FILE/2021-05-51_Emergency.pdf
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    UA flight #328 loses engine over Broomfield CO.

    This is why I’m actaully trying to defend “Captain Joe”. That video is more thorough (and accurate) than probably 99.99% of the news article out there on this situation, and yet still it’s all complaining. If someone has a better example explaining to a layperson (who his channel caters to)...
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    UA flight #328 loses engine over Broomfield CO.

    Oh, I’m not saying it does, at all. Just that he’s more likely an American Airlines pilot vs. Delta if he’s on the 777, as Delta’s 777s are gone.
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    UA flight #328 loses engine over Broomfield CO.

    If I was making around $100,000 a year on YouTube like “Captain Joe” I’d be promoting myself too! Juan Browne does great videos. (Delta doesn’t have any 777s so I doubt that’s his job. One bio page says American). He also has Patreon and PayPal links in all his video descriptions asking for...
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    UA flight #328 loses engine over Broomfield CO.

    “Captain” Joe isn’t even in the US. He’s a 747 pilot for Cargolux. Based in Luxembourg. Who the hell cares if he has an accent?
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    UA flight #328 loses engine over Broomfield CO.

    Can you explain further why we can’t trust what commuter pilots or FOs say? I watched the whole video. Considering his channel is targeted to the non-pilot, general public, he did a great job explaining the situation. But I’m just a former commuter CA turned Major FO, so what do I know? 😂 And...
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    UA flight #328 loses engine over Broomfield CO.

    Missing fan blade(s) Nicely composed photo. “Let’s pile up the airplane parts and get this game restarted!” 😄
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    THIS is Texas? 6º F

    So basically Texas bought a Harbor Freight tool kit because it was cheap in the short term? Now that things don’t work and are breaking-down, they’re learning it would have been less hassle and cheaper long-term to just buy the good tools from the start? 😉
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    Tesla Model S Performance - Rear Drive Unit Teardown Video

    Really good video from Weber Auto going over the Tesla Model S Performance rear drive unit.
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    Polar Vortex Coming

    Rolling blackouts might be coming your way, Texas.
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    New 2022 Chevrolet Bolt EUV (and updated Bolt EV)

    Nothing groundbreaking. A bigger, cheaper, nicer Bolt essentially. Still the old chassis and batteries, not the new Ultium system. • 250 mile EPA range • FWD only • Super Cruise available • $33,995. The updated Bolt EV drops to $31,995, with 259 mile EPA range. While not exciting, it’s a...
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    I live in Northern Minnesota and the idea of zero road salt sounds completely bonkers to me. Terrible idea. Every intersection, freeway and main road would turn into a skating rinks with all the compaction. Even tiny residential streets get salt starting about 30’ before every cross street...
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    Could GM revive Saab as an all-EV, a la the "GMC Hummer"?

    I’m not saying it’s impressive. I’m saying it’s ironic.
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    Could GM revive Saab as an all-EV, a la the "GMC Hummer"?

    I think it’s kinda funny that the Mustang Mach-e GT everyone seems to hate will do 0-60 MPH in 3.5 sec., but the “real” Mustang GT with a V8 can only do it in about 3.9 sec. It’s probably why they’re working on an AWD Mustang so they can launch like EVs...