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    Lisle Tools

    Maybe not Snap-On quality, but mostly made in the USA. Easy availability at Sears and many auto parts stores. Their "Import Car Filter Wrench" is super useful for Toyota oil filter removal. Seems like they have a lot of auto specialty tools that are pretty decent quality, I will definitely...
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    It's the end of the automobile as we know it....

    Lets face it, everybody cruising around in some sort of (electric, hybrid, natural gas, hydrogen, etc) personal mode of transportation, it’s not going to happen. It’s a pipe dream. The days of happy motoring are (almost) over. Sure, it’s not going to happen tomorrow, next month, next year, or...
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    Apparently it's been a bumper crop year in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. My stepdad has been bringing home plastic grocery bags full of em' in the last month. Being unable to go to the parents house as of late, I had my mom break out the food dehydrator and dry a bunch of em up. Just received my...
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    I found a loaded handgun in my front yard

    .45 caliber with a fully loaded clip. Sitting underneath the tree, slightly rusty. Snowbank was about 2 feet deep until a few weeks ago, most likely someone tossed it in a panic. Called the police and they came and picked it up. Off to the crime lab. Pretty quiet neighborhood here, but it gets...
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    Leather Shoe Care

    What do you guys use for shoe dressing? Not so much looking for a spit shine or polish type of thing, more just something that will protect the leather and keep it supple. I've been using 'Montana Pitch Blend' with good results. They make 2 products, an oil and a paste. Paste contains mink...
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    Sick of em. For whatever weather reason, around here fresh ones are popping up everywhere. The roads seem to be crumbling daily. In fact, I'm having a hard time finding a way to drive to work without driving on roads that are awful. And not just potholes, but cracks, divets, and washboarding...
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    Anyone have any practical advice for making a toilet flush better? We rent, so we have whatever 60 dollar special the landlord installed. Also the building is old (1920's) so the plumbing isn't great. I find that far too often, dropping a number 2 will stop it cold. This is even with a...
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    Start button vs mechanical ignition switch

    A good common sense read about this can be found here: <a href="" target="_blank">Article Link</a> This isn't a car guy, he mostly writes about finance. Sometimes he talks about other things, like this. As...
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    Fundamental Diet Changes

    I work nights and most often am not home for a proper home cooked meal, so I would often succumb to temptation and just get fast food. But now I'm at the point where I'm just sick of it. Eating it makes you sick and I'm against just about every facet of the fast food business model. Too many...
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    To all my Canadian and MN/WI friends:

    Let's give it up for Old Dutch chips! I like the onion and garlic, dill pickle, and restaurante style tostadas. How about you?
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    Work Schedules

    Need to vent a little bit, but also need some advice on whether I'm being out of line or just need to suck it up. I work nights, M-Th. When I started at this place, the hours were 2pm-12am, 4 days a week, with 3 day weekends. The 3 day weekend more than made up for any negatives of working...
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    Gotta love Minnesota..

    Low tonight here in St. Paul is -22F. For all you readers that reside in former British colonies, that equates to -30C. Northern MN is looking at lows of -33F tonight. Synthetic oil and a strong battery are almost mandatory in this kind of weather. Going outside for more than 2 minutes...
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    Anchor Hocking Glassware

    Made in the USA, next time you're looking for drinking glasses, oven bakeware, mixing bowls, or glass storage containers, consider checking them out. I've always had good luck with their products, but results may vary. I know that a lot of people here are interested in Made in USA products, if...
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    Who has a PS3

    And what are you playing these days? Just got one for Christmas, picked up Rock Band 2 (great social game) and CODMW2 (amazing game, more of a solo thing) Just downloaded the demo for Dante's Inferno, wow that game is AMAZING. Will definitely be buying that one when it's out. Also looking...
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    Lets talk footwear again

    Something relevant to all, and I always like to hear what people have to say about work shoes/boots. I've taken to wearing Red Wing hiking style boots at work in the shop. Positives: -Light weight -Steel Toe or Tech Toe for protection -As comfortable as casual shoes to wear, maybe even the...
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    Finally getting an HDTV

    Jumped the gun and got a good deal on a Sony XBR7 40' 1080p 120hz. This one is last years model, so it was a <span style="text-decoration: line-through">bit</span> lot cheaper than the newest models. Shipped to my door for $900. Was selling for around $1400 as little as 8 months ago. Anybody...
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    Shopping season is here, but:

    I ask all the members of BITOG to stop and think about what a joke that Christmas consumerism has become, with people trampling others to death just to get their greasy hands on some poorly made Chinese junk and looking like idiots by pitching a tent in front of a big box store for 2 days...
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    MAC tools made in China

    Some of their hand tools are now being made in China, just a heads up. They had a promo last week, 10 piece pliers set for around $100. Too good to be true? Yes it was, flip the box over and made in China. Vice-Grips are now made in China as well. If you can find any NOS made in America...
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    'Prime' Steaks

    I saw a whole boatload of em' at the local grocery meat counter today. Sirloin, New York Strip, etc. Some fine looking steaks indeed, but I only eat grass fed beef these days. If you're a corn fed beef lover, go get em! They're around, and at a steep discount as compared to the local steakhouse.
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    Steak Marinades

    I've got some nice grass fed steaks in the fridge for tomorrow night, need some marinade ideas. No worries of colon blockage here, I just had a heaping bowl of chili (with beans) this evening!