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    40mpg with pp 0-20, 2012 sonic 1.8 auto, summer

    i think i would get 42mpg with a 5 speed but my wife cannot drive one. the car has 27k with mostly hiway driving. m1 0-20 is outstanding too. the sonic has had synthetic OCis at 6500-7k usually with one run of havoline conv at 6k. i use mobil gas most of the time...i was a hesitant to put 0-20...
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    put pzl plat 0-20 in 2012 chevy sonic

    car has 23,500 miles and i wanted to see if oil was as good as M1 0-20 which is my favorite oil. I have seen a .01 increase in mpg in only 100 miles of driving and i am hoping for at least .02. With the exception of turbos, i feel anything from SN 0-20 to 10-30 will be fine in gas engines. My...
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    just changed FF in chevy sonic to Mobil One AFE

    i went 2400 miles on FF and put in 2 qts of M1 0-20 and 3 qts of M1 0-30. The car is getting 36 mpg and hopefully as engine breaks in i will be getting 38mpg once i can start putting in the summer blend gas. 6 speed auto. the car is very roomy and and gutsy, i would recommend a sonic to anyone...
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    just bought a 2012 sonic

    it has the 1.8 in it and flys down the hiway, lots of headroom and trunkroom too...if anyone else has a cruze or sonic how have they run for you? any ideas when to change the FF? i am at least going is nice to see big 3 back on their feet again, i think this sonic will be highly...
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    china mart put on fram instead of M1 filter

    i dont usually go there but i asked them to put in napa syn and a M1 filter so i get under car 3 months later for a OC and i see a fram to my horror. I put on a world class auto value and checked my M1 filter box which they left in car and i put outside assuming it was my old ST (same color as a...
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    2002 vw 1.8 turbo just died at 85 k

    my sis and bil own it and it wouldve died sooner if i hadnt nagged them about changing oil....they grudgingly would change it every 10k or so with synthetic so they will get it fixed or replaced for free which is better than 50% replacement cost if they had done their usual 25k oci routine..they...
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    drain plug overtightened at china mart

    i had a new magnetic DP and i still could not get it off so i had to take it back to CM, they were last ones to change oil...i mostly change my own oil now and i was wondering if anyone else has this problem from quickie lubes/ stealerships?...anytime i put in DP it comes off fairly easy, there...
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    diesel fuel in gas engine, oil contaminated too

    i went to a mobil station last sat nite which i go to at least once a week and after my wife put 7 or so gallons we started having trouble about 10 miles down the road when car would not start after stopping at had a oversized diesel nozzle so there is no way my wife couldve put...
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    flimsy purolator cart filter

    i saw one tonite at aap for a G5 and it was one of cheapest looking i have ever seen, esp compared to the ac delco...i would use one if i had to but i wasnt impressed, any comments welcome
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    GTX "tri shield" SN rated conventional

    i just saw this tonite for first time
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    bought G oil tonite

    it smells a little different than reg oil and is more slippery than a car dealer so i am going to use it in pontiac g5 and hopefully engine doesnt fall apart. I did not buy it for enviroment i bought cuz of 13$ rebate haha and i wish it was energy conserving but it isnt for some reason. If...
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    new valvoline "next gen" 50% recycled oil

    i saw it in a unopened box ready to be put on shelf at china mart claims to be better than SN oils minimum standards i comes in a green bottle and is 13.50 a jug, i mightve bought some for 10$ but i am not too thrilled about putting some oil that once had 30k on it in my...
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    world class valucraft cartridge filters

    i was in autozone tonite and bought a VC oil filter for G5 and clerk said i should at least buy a stp but i have seen ac delco, supertech fram, bosch, purolator, STP and they all seem the same to me and i ended buying the VC which looked identical to others i have bought...any comments on VC...
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    when is mobil going to SN?

    i have seen assorted QS, PZ, motorcraft, supertech synthetic and syntec (gf5) SN but not mobil, castrol or valvoline...i was wondering when they are going to sn/gf5?
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    wrong visc in 2002 passat turbo 1.8

    the lube techs put in PP 5-30 instead of a syn 5-40 sis owns it and for some reason she changed her oil this week which is a rare occurence, i can see crud under oil cap at 85k... VIP also used a oil system cleaner for xtra 8$ whatever that is...i think for 66$ they should at least put in...
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    color of dipstick looks dark brown and cruddy

    it is my sister 02 passat turbo w/ 86k...there is crud underneath oil cap too, it burns a qt every 5k now...she hasnt changed oil (synpower 5-40) in 9k so i was wondering how long engine will last till it starts acting up from her "maint" schedule?...she goes at least 8k between oil changes and...
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    oil level same on DS after 7200 miles on ultra

    car is a 2009 pontiac 2.2 ecotec that is getting 35mpg, 27, 700 miles on odometer...i will go another 1000 miles before i get my FA under car to change oil, so far i like ultra a lot...40% oil life left, i dont have to change soon but i love buying oil...shaking as we speak
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    any Ultra UOAs yet?

    i put some in ecotec 4k ago and oil hasnt dropped a MM on DS...some people think it is no better than PP but i guess i trust sopus when it comes to motor oil and they market it as their best...if they had BPs rep i would not have bought it
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    might put 10-30 ultra in VW 1.8 turbo

    this is for my sisters passat, she had burned a qt of synpower 5-40 in 7, 000 miles and i noticed she was due for a has 84k on it...i know 5-40 syn is reccomended but i just want her to change it soon instead of waiting to go to stealership, her and my bil are notorious for engine abuse...
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    34.5 MPG w/ Ultra...2009 Pontiac, automatic

    i have the 2.2 ecotec with puter that tells seems to be about a .2 improvement over 10-30 QS syn...i bet i could get 37.5 mpg if i had a 5 speed...i think this oil is so good i really should go at least 10 k or it is a waste of $$$...mostly hi way