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    Meg's Endurance Tire Spray

    Used this stuff for the 1st time this morning. My local Walmart has only had this stuff for a couple of months. Not sure what their deal is. Looks very nice and I first sprayed it on a SLIGHTLY damp sponge before applying it. Nice glossy look, but not too much. SHAKE THE BOTTLE WELL BEFORE...
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    I've finally found peace of mind

    After years of worrying about the silly small thing regarding oil, I've come to the following conclusions: 1. I don't stock up on oil (only to worry about its shelf life) and rush out to buy it for a bothersome mail in rebate anymore. I simply buy it when I need it. 2. I don't worry if I...
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    Milwaukee 2696-24 18v Li-ion

    I just purchased this 4 piece combo kit from my local Home Depot. My last cordless drill died over a year ago and it was a cheap Kawasaki beater that lasted about 1.5 yrs. Needless to say I am ASTONISHED at the power and torque these cordless 18V Li-ion tools can make. 120 ft/lbs torque with...
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    air conditioners- portable vs window units

    Anyone have a particular preference. I'm in the market for one of these as well as a generator. But, if anyone has any experience with the portable ac units, I'd like to hear. Based on price, I'm leaning towards a 10k BTU window unit to keep my master bedroom and bathroom cool in case of...
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    portable generator or standby

    With hurricane season here, and having gone through 2 tough, hot power outages with Hurricane Katrina and Gustav, I am in the market for a generator. I've been looking at both portable and home standby. I've read nothing but bad reviews about Generac. I don't own one, but obviously the...
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    attic ventillation, keeping it cool

    I built my home in 2001. My attic ventilation is the traditional ridge vent system. I have ridge vents on every peak of my roof and all of my vinyl soffit is vented. I am brainstorming ways to reduce the heat in my attic. I live in Baton Rouge, and its been ridiculously hot this June so far...
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    Rotella T5 in all my vehicles, soon

    I think I'm going to try to keep things simple for a little while. It will be a bit more costly, but what the hay. Rotella T5 10w-30 in the following: 1996 Geo Metro 1.3L (put in 2 weeks ago) 2002 F250 7.3L (deciding and still pondering) 2008 Nissan Altima 2.5L (in about 4 weeks) If I could...
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    F250 diesel, front end noise

    Hey guys, my 2006 6.0L diesel is having a metal on metal rattle, knock, I really don't know how to describe it. Its coming from the front end, most prominent when its cold outside, and when I'm accelerating (taking a little pressure off the front end)?? This has been going on for a few months...
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    12 hrs later, job done

    2006 2wd F250 diesel. 94,600 miles. Changed the front and back brakes, front shocks, steering stabilizer, both fuel filters, windshield wipers (Michelin Radius), took the beastly rotors to NAPA and had them turned, and re-packed all the bearings. I went with the Wagner ThermoQuiets. My front...
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    1st UOA. Ford PSD 2006 6.0L

    Hey guys, this is my first UOA. The kit came free with the Baton Rouge Industries 15w-40 conventional oil. This is supposed to be some good oil with a heavy duty additive pack. The truck has 94,500 miles on it now and just a few miles over 5000 on this sample. I changed it, and now I'm wondering...
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    1996 Geo Metro CEL- P0335

    Ok, I've posted on this before and I will update. I hope someone can chime in who has experience with Geo, Chevy, Suzuki. First off, my car cranks fine, runs fine, still gets me 40 mpg everyday all day. Everything "seems" ok. I've got a P0335 code that won't go away on my Geo. So far to...
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    new Rotella blends availability?

    Does anyone know when it will be available OTC? I'll be due for a change soon and want to give it a go for the winter. I'm in Baton Rouge, LA. RL
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    Rotella T SAE 30

    I'm currently running this oil in my 1996 Geo Metro. At which outdoor temperature should I consider draining this oil and putting in some 5w-30? I live in Baton Rouge, LA, and our winters aren't that cold down here. Its rare we see temps below 30 degrees F. Thoughts?
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    prime guard filters

    Who makes these? I am looking at them on a site and was wondering if they are garbage or actually ok.
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    2006 6.0L powerstroke

    Ok, I'm not sure if this is purely coincidental or not. I've been adding some TC-W3 2 stroke oil to my diesel fuel tank for about the last 2-3 months or so. I add it at a ratio of 1 oz of tc-w3 to 1 gal diesel. Well, for the last 3-4 weeks my morning cranks on my 6.0L PSD have grown...
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    general misfire CEL won't go away!

    My 1996 Geo Metro illuminated the CEL about 3 months ago. I need an inspection sticker at the end of July, so I need to get this bugger fixed. The 2 codes I get are "General Misfire Detected" and "Crank Position Sensor malfunction". The car is running great, getting 40mpg, no misfire can be...
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    99 Cougar detail job - freebie

    I attempted to restore some life into my sis-in-laws 1999 Cougar today. I did not do a paint correction, more of a tune up since I don't have the necessary tools nor knowledge of a true paint correction. I'm pretty much a rookie. She's a cool sis-in-law, so I hooked her up. Man, it was hot...
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    adding 2 stroke TC-W3 to my powerstroke tank

    I've seen this discussed on many forums, did a search and couldn't find anything here. I've got some SuperTech 2 cycle TC-W3 oil to add to my 6.0L powerstroke tank. I'm going to add 1oz per 1gal of diesel. Just want to see if it makes it any "quieter" which may signal its lubricating the...
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    96 Metro spec'd for SH or GF-1 oil

    I'm due for an oil change, and with the summer heat already upon us here in south Louisiana, I'm leaning towards giving Rotella SAE 30 a try. I've got a few gallon jugs of it and it meets API service SJ specs. I think no harm would be done. Maybe just a good cleaning? Should I run it for a...
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    makita LXT211 18v Li-ion for father's day?

    I am seriously pondering the LXT211 2pc combo kit. I may ask my wife to make that my Father's Day gift. I borrowed my cousin's the other day and I was VERY impressed with the power of the cordless impact driver. It removed the lug nuts on my wife's car. Anyone have any feedback on the 18v...