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    Amsoil 10W40 Scooter Oil

    VOA for Amsoil Scooter Oil. Anything not listed was reported as zero. Moly 55 Potasium 3 Boron 6 Silicon 4 Calcium 2009 Magnesium 8 Phosphorus 1191 Zinc 1444 SUS @ 210F 77.7 CST @ 100C 14.94 Flash point 460 TBN 7.9 Looks like a pretty stout oil to me!
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    Amsoil 0W30 AZO came in today

    My 20 quarts of AZO 0W30 came in today and I'm actually a little excited about it. I have been using the 5W30 ASL for about 10 years and on this last order decided to try the AZO. I really hope I like it because the 20 quarts are for oil changes for my Blazer and Cobalt for the next two years.
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    Extra bar on the side

    This morning I have an extra information bar that popped up on the left side of the screen. I really don't like it! How do I make it go away?
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    Bobcat CT122

    I bought a new little tractor to use around the yard. It is not heavy equipment but this looked like the best place to ask my question. The little Bobcat CT122 tractor has a 3 cylinder 22hp diesel engine and the recommended oil weights to use are all over the place in the hand book. 5W30 --...
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    Oil or grease?

    I have only used oil on my guns but have lately have been thinking of using grease on them. Any thoughts on if one is better and the other?
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    Cocked and locked 1911 discussion

    I have a 1911A1 that I often carry or have in the car with me. For some reason cocked and locked creeps me out and I have found out that it creeps my wife out too. Awhile back I left it on my computer desk (unloaded) cocked and locked and after some time she noticed it there, ran and got me...
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    Crossbreed belt

    I picked up a Crossbreed belt for CCW and my first impression is that it is made well and is thick. About a quarter of an inch thick. It fits and wears ok but I think it will need a little break in time before it fits really well. It seems to have cured the sag problem I had with my IWB holster.
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    Wolf ammo

    I picked up a couple of hundred rounds of Wolf 45 ACP ammo and am wondering if anyone has used any of this stuff. It's 230 grain FMJ made in Russia and the shells have some sort of a nonstick looking coating on them.
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    Opinions of Kahr pistols

    I have had a 1911 for quite a while then bought a Kahr CW45 mainly just because I liked the way it looked and light enough not to drag my pants down. Then a few months later I picked up a Kahr P380 because it is small and light weight. What is the scoop on Kahr's, are they good, bad or...
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    So many posts in so little time

    How on earth are people signing on to the board and a month later having 1000 to 1500 posts? I cruise around on the board just about everyday and it took me more than a couple of years to break 1000 I think.
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    Found some pricey MMO

    I did a search for MMO and found an online company that is selling it for $115.64 a gallon with free shipping. I bet they move a lot of it at that sweet price. <a href=""...
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    Thinking about maybe switching brands

    I have been a loyal user of Amsoil for the last 8 or 9 years and have recently been pondering the idea of switching everything over to Schaeffer's oil. I use ASL 5W30 in all the cars, AMO 10W40 in the lawn equipment and gen sets, AMO 10W40/ARO 20W50 in the four wheeler and motorcycle depending...
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    ARX treatment on a 96 Dodge Ram

    My 5.2 Dodge Ram has started to show symptoms of a clogged oil pump pick up screen. My Dad had the oil changed every 3K with bulk oil at the quicky lube for the first 80K of it's life. For the last few years of that 80K the 3K OCI might be more than a year. He thought he was getting Quaker...
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    18 month oil change

    My daughter has been overseas for the past 18 months and will be returning later this month. She left her 2007 Malibu here for me to store while she's gone. When she left it, it was due an oil change so I changed the oil and filter. The oil I used was QS 5W30 that was here in the shop for...
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    Thinking of going to a thinner oil

    My drag only 388 small block chevy has to much oil pressure and keeps blowing oil from the back of the intake and bottom of the distributor. It's a 12.5:1 motor that runs on E85 with a 5500 stall that I shift at 7000 and pass through the traps at about 7500. The cam is a solid lifter flat...
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    Amsoil ASL 5W30, 1 year about 5K

    2003 4.3 Vortec V6 Miles on oil about 5K Miles on unit about 64K Time on oil 1 year aluminum 2 iron 7 copper 5 lead 11 tin 2 molly 43 nickel 1 manganese 1 potassium 29 boron 64 silicon 21 calcium 3113 magnesium 81 phosphorus 675 zinc 843 [email protected] 63.5 [email protected] 11.2 flash 405 fuel<.05 antifreeze...
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    Has anyone heard of a product named ZDDPlus? It comes in a 4oz bottle and claims to be loaded with ZDDP so much so that one 4oz bottle has more ZDDP than two bottles of GM EOS. I tried the search function and it does not seem to be working.
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    Have you guys heard of this stuff yet? Might be an alternative to GM EOS. <a href="" target="_blank"></a> Posting the link is probably illegal or something, who knows... I just want to ask about it for a possible alternative to...
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    Why so many forums?

    We now have 51 forums on this board. Why? I used to post here often, now it just seems a hassle to read or find any thing on the site. I'm just pointing out the obvious here, I frequent the site less and less these days because of all the forums. Don't flame me -- I'll just fade away slowly...
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    Now that GM EOS is gone

    Now that GM EOS is gone what is used for assembly and to prop up the ZDDP in oil. I have a 350 in my drag car that I spin to 7500 to 8000 rpm with Rotella T 15W40 and a bottle of EOS in. And for engine assembly I use EOS on everything. Now that it's gone what's a guy to use? KW