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    Need a tree removed, Minneapolis area. Recommendations?

    I am in Roseville, had Eager Beaver Tree Service 651-488-6000 take something similar out last year. Paid 1350 and that included trimming another tree up high and stump grinding. Don't take anyones first quote. These guys are busy at certain times of the year but also get hungry for work too...
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    Wired network vs wifi network

    Phone jacks? What the he!! are phone jacks?.....lolollll
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    Wired network vs wifi network

    Wired is better today but barely. And given how quickly wireless has improved, in a few years wired will be like the horse and buggy.
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    Minimum tire rotation internal, why not (expected mileage life)/4?

    ywah if you have to pay for rotations then it doesn't seem worth it. I have a car that I never rotate them but in this particular car, they seem to all wear about the same anyway.
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    Any beach dwellers here?

    I don't think salt is hard on "paints and finishes". It has no effect. Now once that paint gets a scratch down to bare were talking rust.
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    All purpose kitchen knife, what's a good one?

    I went the high end knife route at one point. But if you look at restaurants, most use real basic knives and just sharpen often. I prefer than now as well. The Thai knives are decent and so are the Kiwi. I prefer a real thin blade.
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    Hydraulic vs mechanical disc brakes

    there are hills in I thought that was flatland.
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    Hydraulic vs mechanical disc brakes

    so you prefer chrome moly over aluminum for the frame? And why?
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    Electrical breakers in home

    GE breakers, typical of what's available at Home Depot.
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    Electrical breakers in home

    In 4 years of living in my home I have had 3 go bad. 1950 built, assume electrical upgraded about 1980. Does this seem excessive?
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    Hydraulic vs mechanical disc brakes

    Looking to buy a new or used bike with disc brakes. Any opinions on type?
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    Skipping a meal

    well considering the obesity (and type 2 diabetis) epidemecs in the US, perhaps our parents and grandparents were just plain wrong. I cannot have 3 squares a day without gaining weight. But I have a desk jobs so that factors in big.
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    Do Catalytic Converter Cleaners Work

    I think the bigger question, assuming you DO need a new why? And does that mean you'll need another in 5 years time?
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    2 Year Brake Fluid Changes--Overkill?

    I'm going to ask a dumb question for the chemists here. Brake fluid is basically mineral oil, right? And if mineral oil absorbs moisture, does motor oil absorb moisture as well?
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    Markup on wine in restaurants

    Exactly. I always order water.....and the wait staff hates that. But in the end....I do tip well.
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    Markup on wine in restaurants

    seriously? I highly doubt that. How do you know unless you write down their selections and run to the local wine shopto compare? Just asking. The only thing I can figure is, on real high end wines, perhaps the resturant can get their bottles for a huge discount.
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    Cause of Brake Fluid Reservoir Sludge

    I don't think it has anything to do with not changing the fluid. If it did.....well then I am in big trouble as I almost never do it. I guess my point is.....there has to be a scientific explanation for this type of thing happening and unless you know that old fluid will "sludge", it's not the...
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    No more borrowing our my car and trailer....uggg

    Well upon thinking this whole thing thru I figured out it was in fact the trailer that jack knifed into my bumper. However, there is more to the story. This trailer is very short and with a very short tongue. He had loaded sheetrock on top of the rails so it over hung on the front and rear...
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    No more borrowing our my car and trailer....uggg

    So I have a 2008 RAV4 and a small 4 x 6 foot trailer. As you probably know, a short trailer is hard to back up, easy to jackknife. Last year younger brother asks to borrow it. Usually I just say I'll be over and help but this time, I let him borrow it. Guess what.....came back with the back...
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    STP Ceramic oil treatment

    I find it ironic....the use of the word "ceramic" being used anywhere around an engine. Real ceramic would chew up a motor faster than you can imagine.