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    Valvoline Euro 5w40

    I like the Euro 5w40s and I'm interested in the Valvoline Euro 5w40, but I can't find much on it. Basically I'm looking for a PCMO Euro 40 grade that has a calcium/magnesium add pack and a decent slug of moly for the chains. Looking at some of the other Valvoline products I'm thinking the...
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    10w30 in Nissan Frontier?

    Good old 10w30 is as close to a universal oil as exists, it seems to do well in virtually anything. In a mild climate and an engine spec'd for a 30 grade in the first place it's the best choice IMO. The downside to 10w30 is it can be had in some low quality lubes, so make sure you go for a...
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    Motorcraft syn-blend - Does it still have it's place?

    Last I knew the syn part of the syn blend was around 60%. It may have gone up since then, IIRC Ford is recommending 10k OCI's on just the blend.
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    The grill is a bit much and I question how well those snazzy headlights will actually work. But it's a nice looking car overall. The Hyundai folks would do better to let the Kia people design these. I have yet to figure out how Kia can produce so many sharp cars and Hyundai still looks lost.
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    Jetta SE-Big Boy

    SatinSilver, it's silver! I actually was looking for a white SEL Premium with the VR6 but there were none to be found by the time I was ready to buy. But GT's with the V6 were still available. I drove a white one first and something about it was not quite right. Walked inside and my silver...
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    Jetta SE-Big Boy

    The VW I'm referring to in the one in my sig, the 2018 Passat. I bought it new in October 18 and now have 44k of flawless miles on it. It's just been super. I've had other VW's and I know they can be harder on you when they get too old. Maintenance is your friend though. My daughter just...
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    Jetta SE-Big Boy

    My Passat is gigantic inside and still sports a cavernous trunk to boot. Seats are great, and I am pretty seat picky due to my back. We just picked up a very nice Ford Edge SEL for my wife. Seat adjusts 1000 ways but I am yet to get truly comfortable in it, constant fiddling. Maybe I'll find...
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    Motorcraft Full Synthetic 5W-30

    Where did you find fully syn Motorcraft? Looks like a very good LSPI friendly oil. I wouldn't mind more moly either but it appears to have more than it used to. Thanks for going to the trouble of doing this.
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    Mobil 1 TDT 5w-40 2006 Crown Vic Police 4.6 3,627 mi

    I like TDT more than I thought I would, was using it in a VW Tiguan but that one is gone now. TBN looks great despite the fuel, you are getting a good bit I've never seen a viscosity that low for TDT.
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    Might be owning a Saab soon

    Interesting you should post that. I read an article or two the other day that claimed ZDDP was bad for chains, contrary to the initial expectation. It was making me feel dumb for running Mobil TDT in our 2.0t Tiguan, which I had thought would be a good choice. Now I don't know what to think...
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    New Valvoline Maxlife 150K

    I am looking at Valvoline's Euro 5w40 but can't find a UOA/VOA on it anywhere. Does anyone know if it has a similar add pack?
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    5W-30 Shell Motor Oils Comparison

    Ultra failed to impress when I tried it in our KIA as well. Given that it costs more and is hard to find I never tried it again, in fact that which I had was a smokin' deal Walmart clearance jug.
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    New Valvoline Maxlife 150K

    A high mileage 0w20 just seems silly to me. Get a 5w30 and be done with it.
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    Rotella at Family Dollar

    Wow STP I used to buy that from them a long time ago, well before they were even selling PYB I think. At the time it was made by a relatively small blender named "Sttreet" or something similar. I was a good, bargain, boron heavy oil. About the time I got hooked on it they cleared it out...
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    Rotella at Family Dollar

    I used to buy Pennzoil YB there when it was the closest store to me. Catch it on sale and with their coupon is was less than Walmart. I've never seen an HDEO there either, but I haven't been in one in quite a while.
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    Painting sights?

    For my 50-something year old eyes neon orange seems to work better than anything else. Neon yellow is probably equally effective and will work a little better in low lighting IMO.
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    How old does my BMW look?

    Conservative German automotive styling not only looks great to me but definitely ages well.
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    How old does my BMW look?

    Looks fantastic.
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    Liqui Moly 5w-30, 5,011 miles, '18 Audi A4

    I don't see where you are going to gain any measurable benefit switching between 504 oils, they are all really good. If you feel the need to switch a look at some tempting 40 grades would make more sense to me especially since you are thinking of a tune. Nice car.
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    Ravenol VSE 0/20 (VW 508), 9659 miles, 2019 VW Jetta 1.4t (TAN, TBN, PC)

    New tab worked thanks. Not sure if I'd be happy with that iron or not, certainly not alarming despite Blackstones comments it seems a bit above average. The oil itself appears very stout and a great choice in a VW 508. I don't think I've seen a 508 yet that made a poor showing. Still...