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    Bi-weekly mortgage question

    When I bought my first house I recieved in the mail a letter. It said that if you sign up for biweekly mortgage payments that you would pay off the loan several years early and save tens of thousands of dollars in interest. Being young at the time I didn't believe it or pay any attention to...
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    Fram cut open

    So I finally got ahold of my mom's van to change her oil. It had been about seven months and three or four thousand miles. It has some issues so tell me what you think. Disreguard the motorcraft box, that's just what replaced the fram. <img...
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    Clamp meters

    Ok, So who knows which is a better amp meter? I'm lookin for one up to 400 amp, and I'm torn between three different brands. My first choice is (right now) Ideal Second would be fluke And third greenlee Any body had any bad experiences with any? I'm lookin in the $75 - $125 range with the...
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    To Flush or not to Flush?

    My question is should I flush my radiator? I've been planning on doing it at the five year mark but don't know if I really need to. The details: Lady driven 50/50 city highway bought new 2003 taurus with 28,000. I looked in the overflow tank today and seen a couple flakes of something not sure...
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    Which do you suggest?

    So I'm gonna change my oil this weekend. I've always used M1 5w20 in this car since new.I've always been under the impression that it is one of the best, but reading on here I've been seeing alot of complaining about it. Since I've been reading alot of good things about PP it's been making me...
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    75w90 GL-4?

    Anybody know any places that carry this? walmart, auto zone, advance, O'reilly and pep boys all said no! Napa,carquest and the dealers are closed today and I need asap! Has to be GL-4 ONLY for a toyota manual tranny.