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    M1 vs. PUP Observations

    This post is a bit dated in information, but I felt I owed it to BITOG to share it as the group influenced my choice of PCMO. Having worked for Mobil, I was a die-hard Mobil 1 user for years. Until Shell bought Pennzoil and came out with GTL Ultra Platinum motor oil. BITOGers posted excellent...
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    GDI vs. MPFI OCI's

    A number of threads have posts saying GDI engines need shorter OCI's than MPFI engines. Why? I asked within those post, without a reply I could find. Couldn't find topic in searched posts, either. I own GDI, MPFI, and carbureted gasoline engines, along with various 2 strokes. Getting quite...
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    John Deere Hy-Gard OEM?

    Anybody know who makes Deere's hydrostat oil these days? Way back when, Mobil used to have the contract. They still advertise Mobilfluid meeting Deere's spec J20D, but Deere does not publish a list of approved suppliers.
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    Optilube Users?

    Any Optilube users out there? Did the advent of HPCR and biodiesel negate their market?
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    Fram UG XG in Navistar PowerStroke 6.0l

    Greetings, Back when I lost access to BITOG 4 years ago, the general consensus for oil filter superiority was Fram Ultra Xtra Guard, having wound fiberglass media with 5 micron particulate capture and retained high flow rate. I've been using them ever since without issue and with complete...
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    CK-4 Diesel Oil for old 6.0l PowerStroke?

    My son is still in college and bought a used truck: 2004 Ford Super Duty F350 with the Navistar "PowerStroke" 6.0 liter V8 engine. Modern diesel oils were developed for the latest diesel engines, of course, so I'm having trouble finding which would be best for this older engine. Would...
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    Hello, and thanks.

    Greetings & thanks to BITOG'rs for keeping tabs on the rapidly evolving lubricant changes in the marketplace. I am Lubricatus Obsessus, a 30 year experienced Mechanical Engineer. One of my professional stints was with a major U.S. Oil Company as a trained Industrial Lubrication Engineer...