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    First wash since October

    This my Daily driver, 60 miles every day...its been a cold wet winter...just gave her a quick wash after I got home from work because its 60 degrees out.
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    First time replacing a wheel bearing 2009 Ford Flex

    The wifes Flex had some noise a few months ago when i last drove it and i meant to check it out...never did. Last weekend we drove to a friends house and the noise was significantly worse. I have never experienced a failed wheel bearing in my 31 years of driving but I knew thats what it was. The...
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    Motorcraft 820s cut open

    I do not have an oil filter cutter so i cut this open with a pair of with a pair of tin snips.
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    Rear end repair quote

    Took the Mustang to my local Ford dealer to get the airbags recalled and a new state inspection sticker. Told them to check out the noise in the rear end, he said the pinion bearing is on its way out and they want to change out a couple of things (the gears are all OK), total cost $2672. This...
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    Cheap code readers

    Saw a code reader on Amazon for $35 that gives live readings and has a decent rating. I have zero interest in paying a lot for a nice code reader, is this the best one I can get for under $50? In case the link does not work...
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    B-17 Bomber on display Anyone ever toured a B-17? I absolutely cannot wait until I get to look at that beauty up close tomorrow. Wish I could afford the $900 for me and my son to go up in her.
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    Why would a tire come off?

    Good friend of the family had the front left tire come off his truck while driving down the road at a decent speed. Speculation amongst the females is that it was from over tightened lug nuts. I said 99.9754% chance it was from lug nuts not being tightened correctly (ie not tightened enough) Can...
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    07 Mustang Fuel Pressure Sensor error

    Got my first CEL in the Mustang today. Ran by autozone and it came up as the fuel rail pressure sensor. Anyone have a lot of experience with the 4.6L and this problem? Luckily the sensor sits right on top of everything, but Im not certain if that is the problem, hoping it is not the fuel pump...
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    Allstate Milewise

    My truck now sits idle most of the time and I decided to shop around for insurance since my current provider wants me to pay $500/year for a truck that is worth $2k and gets driven less than 2,000 miles a year. I googled around and found Allstate's Milewise, also gave them a call and they said...
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    Alignment good then bad

    I purchased the 2007 Mustang GT last September from a private seller. He disclosed (and it was obvious) that his aunt who was the owner drove the car into a ditch. The alignment was way off but still driveable. I took the car to Firestone and they aligned it and gave me a fancy printout. Ever...
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    Ford "quick connect" thingy broken

    I pulled a fuel filter off my 96 F150 today and i guess i damaged both of the quick connectors. I assume that Autozone or NAPA carries some kind of replacement and that I can cut the nylon line and plug the replacement connector in. Any tips or advice are appreciated.
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    I saw a windshield? fly off of a car.

    Yesterday while driving on I-95 a car in front of me had something fly off at highway speed, i was not too far behind the car and at first thought it was something like the lid of one of those huge tupperware containers. But when it hit the ground (luckily not in one of the lanes of traffic) it...
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    Is it the alternator?

    My 96 F150 started losing juice on the electrical system on Thursday. Drove it to work on Friday (had no choice) and by the time i got there the battery was dead. Got a jump and made it home but everything was dying, even the speedometer didn't work. Put the battery on a charger overnight and...
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    Ultra rotors on Rockauto

    I am looking at rotors on Rockauto for both my Flex and Vue. Ultra brand rotors are available for both vehicles for a really good closeout price. I have googled and cannot find any info on these slotted rotors. Anyone have any info on these?
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    Hot water heater install cost?

    My Mother in Law called my wife on Sunday night and said she wasn't getting any hot water. She is pretty well off and told my wife she was going to call a plumber to see what was up. I have zero idea what happened but he charged her $1400 for a new electric hot water heater. I am the ONLY...
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    Any UPS drivers here?

    I am starting as a Temporary Delivery Driver next week. I am concerned about the training material as I have to memorize verbatim the Space and Visibility worksheet. I have a terrible memory and don't want to get dismissed before I even start!
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    Stripped threads on oil pan

    Last oil change I replaced the drain plug on mom's 04 Pilot. Used an AZ part that I confirmed again today was the correct thread and size. Pulling it out today it was kind of stubborn but I attributed it to being new. Went to put it back in and about the fourth pull of the socket wrench I knew...
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    front end question

    My 09 Vue FWD has started making a clicking sound when in reverse and moving with the wheels turning. When I back out of my driveway, which is on a steep hill I just put the trans into N and coast clicking. If I put it in R and keep the wheel straight then no clicking. In forward no...
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    2007 Seadoo engine code

    2007 GTI keeps on giving me engine code PO544 which according to this <a href="" target="_blank"></a> is (Exhaust Gas Temp Sensor)...