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    Smog Check failed for Catalyst 'Not Ready'

    Need some advice here - 2004 Toyota Highlander 4 cyl with 2AZ-FE 200k + mileage First year of not passing a CA smog check due to 'Not Ready' for Catalyst. Smog Tech said to drive it for a while, then come back. Well I drove it to Vegas and back, total of 500+ miles added to the ODO, still...
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    Recommendations for Subwoofer

    Do any of you have aftermarket subwoofers installed in your vehicles? I have an aftermarket stereo in my Highlander, and have replaced the door speakers - Polk and Infinity, and also have a 4 channel amp driving them. I'm thinking of running the door speakers off of the Head-unit and bridging...
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    Coolant Temp Focus 2.0

    any one have any idea what the full operating temp is for a Duratec 2.0 with the MTX-75 manual trans? I still have heat, but with my scangauge I can watch the coolant temp go from 155-170 and back to the 155-165 range. This is also with the defroster on because of the recent rain/moisture...
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    New to the Fleet!

    Good Morning, Just wanted to share that I recently acquired a 2002 Saturn SC2 from a co-worker for $1400. It has 93,xxx on it and I'm just working on getting the title/reg switched over to me. It has the telltale signs of needing the ECTS/Thermostat done, and does not have (at least not...
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    anyone have an extra Carfax/Autocheck I can use? I'm looking at a certain vehicle and want to know if it's even somewhat worth looking at. Thanks
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    Fumoto Valve for Ford Focus

    Hey, I have a Fumoto valve to install on my Focus with the 2.0 Duratec. It has a recessed drain plug, but I'm not sure which adapter to get, whether the ADP-106 or ADL-106 The ADL-106 I know will work for sure because it adds an inch or so clearance from the pan. Any one else installed one...
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    Ipad 2 or Ipad Mini?

    ... looking at possibly getting my wife an Ipad for Christmas. Was looking at refurbs... a refurb Ipad2 or a new Mini... what are your opinions???
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    Your High-Mileage 5w30 recommendations?

    Our 2AZ-FE is starting to consume oil, so I want to start running high mileage oil to help combat. Was thinking of using Mobil 1 High Mileage as I've heard good things about it, but wanted to get some other opinions. The ODO just turned over 151,000 miles. <img...
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    Water Pump Replacement

    I have a 2004 Toyota Highlander 4 cyl that has about 145k miles on it. I want to get the water pump replaced as a precautionary measure to ensure it does not break down on my wife. I just replaced the serp belt not too long ago (about a year ago) and the local Toyo dealer quoted me $407 and...
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    Rear Brakes 2006 Ford Focus No ABS

    ... anyone done this? I've already replaced the front pads/rotors with Wagner Thermoquiets. I'm just wondering if there is anything special I should know before starting the job. I'm planning to replace all of the hardware and apply lots of "brake Squeal" lube.
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    Interesting Read on Secure Boot / UEFI

    <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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    Serp Belt 2.0 Duratec (Focus)

    Anyone done one of these? 78k on it I assume.. I have a new Dayco ready to go on, is it fairly easy? I may have to remove some plastic, etc maybe to get to the tensioner?
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    Ceiling Fan install

    ...possible? Two story house, Fan installed downstairs in the family room in the center of room. One wall switched outlet. I do have some old pictures to reference (drywall gutted to remediate water/mold damage some years ago) to see if there is romex in the ceiling.. I'm guessing yes. I...
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    Recharging AC

    in my Highlander.. just out of curiosity.. If I can't see bubbles in the "looking glass" should I/is it advisable to recharge? I notice its not getting quite as cold as it once did. A local shop charges $29 for the service and $30 per lb. of R-134. ?? I see those cans of Synthetic stuff with...
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    Chrysler 200

    What do you all think of the Chrysler 200? Just curious as my wife has one as a rental right now and really likes it. My guess is its the 2.4. Anyone else have one? Really I'm a Toyota guy, and last year just got rid of my Tacoma for gas price reasons. I checked on and it gets...
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    U241E/2.4 Highlander

    All, my wife's transmission I believe has developed a "ticking/squeaking" sort of noise when put in gear. In Park and Neutral it seems quiet. I wonder if it is actually the trans like it sounds or some other thing. Anyone ever have the same issue? It shifts fine.. I did a cooler line "flush"...
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    Vulnerability in Samba (*nix Users)

    Was frequenting some of the websites I normally get my PC news from and came across this: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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    Driving Style/Gas Mileage 5w30 vs 5w20 or 0w20

    Just a quick question... even though my Focus spec's 5w20 I've been using 5w30 just so I don't have to buy two different oils for my cars. Would I get a noticeable increase in gas mileage in the Focus if I went to 5w20 or even 0w20 since I drive short distances to/from work?(5mi one way...
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    New Pads/Rotors

    Just finished installing new Wagner Thermoquiets and brand new shiny rotors. Do I need to "bed" them or just take it easy on them for the first 500 miles or so?
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    Brakes - 2006 Ford Focus 2.0

    I just picked up some Duralast rotors (China) and Duralast Gold C-Max ceramic pads (India) from Autozone. Any one else try these pads? Supposedly they are the best they have and are "coated" on the rear to reduce noise and come with new hardware (clips, etc) I also found a $10 mail in rebate...