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    TV help needed

    About once a month my Sony TV will turn itself on. I can't find out why or how to stop it. A solution would be appreciated. I got no help from Sony.
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    EIP debit card

    If you lost or shredded yours, don't call Meta Bank. It's a waste of time. Call instead 800/240-8100. You'll get a person who will solve the problem.
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    For bee keepers

    When a "killer hornet" invades a hive, why can't the bees sting it to death before it destroys the hive ?
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    Spark plug removal

    2016 Mazda 3, best to remove plugs when engine is cold or hot ? This will be the first plug change. Thanks.
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    Girl Scout question

    How do they keep news about their female leaders who abuse children out of the media ? Common sense says there are some.
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    Fiber optic HDMI cable

    After reading reviews I decided to get one to connect my Roku to my TV. A little expensive, but I like the results. I think the video is clearer and there is better sound especially on sites like Accuradio.
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    Toslink optical audio cable (plastic) experience

    Connected a 6 ft cable from tv to a passive splitter. From splitter, connected one 6 ft cable to my sound base and another to my Bluetooth transmitter used with my Bluetooth headphones. Volume on the sound base was fine, but the headphones weren't as loud as I wanted. Changed all cables to 3...
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    HVAC question

    Do any of you have a German car using CO2 as a HVAC refrigerant? What are your experiences? Thanks.
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    Check your credit card

    Mine would not work today. The "new" security chip had come unglued and was lost. Didn't know that could happen.
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    Check your credit card

    My card wouldn't work today when inserted into the chip reading terminal slot. Closer examination showed the "new" security chip had come off the card and was missing. I didn't realize those could come unglued. At some terminals, no chip also means swiping doesn't work either.
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    A brake question

    Mileage is 11,000 miles. Three or four times in the last year, when car is started for the first that day the red BRAKE warning icon on the dash stays on after the engine is running. The emergency brake is not on when the engine is started, the master cylinder is full, not effected by ambient...
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    A tire question

    I have Michelin tires on my Avalon hybrid. They are 44 months old and have 9,800 miles on them. I see no sidewall aging cracks. Should I replace them due to their age? Thanks.
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    Foreign troop deployment

    Let's discuss what harm there would be to the <span style="font-weight: bold">US</span> if all our troops were removed from Korea.
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    OLED tvs

    Does any company make one <span style="font-weight: bold">without</span> 3-D ?
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    A fuse question

    Let's say I have a 12v tire inflator hooked up to a in car power outlet. Ten feet from the inflator is a fused plug in the outlet. Three feet from the outlet, between it and the battery, is another in line fuse. Both fuses are <span style="font-weight: bold">15 amps,</span> if the inflator...
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    Map light question

    My OM says the map lights are W6W. I don't know how to get the lens off to take a look. I can't find a description of these using Google. Do they have a glass base like a 194 or a metal base like a 1156? What is the MSCP? Thanks.
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    Lane change warning system question

    For those of you who have this, if you change lanes to pass someone without using the turn signal does it "beep" at you the whole time you're in the other lane ? Does it know when you get back into the lane you left?? Thanks.
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    General forum question

    I am registered and checked "remember me" but about once a week I have to register again because I'm "not remembered" How to fix???? Thanks.
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    I have read that "hyperflashing" does no harm to a car or the LEDs that caused it , so why correct it???
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    Philips X-treme Vision #921 bulb

    Any one using this LED bulb as a back-up light? Is it better than the OEM bulb? Thanks.