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    Toro Timemaster $450 flip

    Found this 2012 Toro Timemaster for free. Owner said self propel was super weak. Local hardware store wanted a bunch of money to service it. Put $80 into it with a new trans and fresh oil (RGT 5w30). Flipped it for $530. (didn't keep it as I have a 2020 Timemaster)
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    Holy Toro SR4?!

    Picked this up off the curb tonight. Pretty old lady. Wheels need replacing along with the belt cover but it fires right up. First time seeing this Briggs with an oil filter. Anyone know a suitable replacement filter off hand? <img...
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    Resurface and pad slap .....?

    This crawled into my garage. 09 Ram 2500 with the 6.7 Cummins. Said it wouldn't nudge unless gassed and would pull to the right. So they decided it was smart to drive it 90 miles into town and stop by my home to have me check it out. Glowing red with the nice hint of burnt brake pad material...
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    2007 4Runner 4.0L V6 oil thoughts?

    Oh great Bitog-ists, I seek for your thoughts and comments! 2007 4Runner with the 1GR(V6) currently at 144k. Picked it up with 140k on the odometer with bulk small dealer oil and Napa Silver filter. Was told it was serviced then placed on the lot. Auto check showed 1 owner with 5-7k OCI thru...