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    Smoker question

    You want a charcoal for smoking fish and do not smoke fish with a propane powered smoker.Leaves a fish taste to other foods that are smoked even with the grades washed very good.The propane powered smoker is very hard to find.Did some venison in a propane smoker and came out great.
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    Crown Vic - One Tough Car

    They have the worst sending units,made out the worst metal out there and there is no way of saving them when a fuel pump goes out on them.The only option is to replace the sending unit when changing the fuel pump at the same time including making new lines.Had one in about 3 monthes ago with a...
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    Great article on Engine Replacement/rebuilding!!

    Lot of times,it is better off getting a reman over rebuilding which is sometimes cheaper.Getting a 350 rebuilt is about $1,500.00 in my area and a Jasper reman is $1,200.00 with a 3 year 100,000 mile warranty
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    fuel pump replacement

    You can get a Delphi pump at your nearest Carquest parts store now.Carquest used to sell Airtex,nothing but problems and lots of returns.Aftermarket fuel pumps are junk and do not last
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    Warehouse tool sale

    Watch out on them,some might be recons.I bought a Milwaukee circular saw on Ebay which was brand new in the box.I seen the same model cheaper which was a recon and it said it in the description
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    final year for towncar.

    The PAs have a much better ride and I have never heard complaints about them.My father talked them into the PAs.Horsepower on Spike TV interviewed a cop that is now using Dodge Charger and likes it over the Crown Vic,they modiefied it with performance parts.The Charger has more horsepower and...
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    final year for towncar.

    I lnow a couple of customers that had Towncars and never went back after switching to Buick Park Avanues which have a better ride.Most people do this mistake when raising them on a hoist with the air ride suspension,forget to open the trunk and turn the switch to off.
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    3.8 vs 3.4

    GM started putting the 3.8s in the Firebirds,Trans Ams and Camaros in 1996.The 3.4 gets better fuel mileage in the Impalas than ones with the 3.8s.
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    automotive aftermarket parts future

    Ford is this way,discontinued window motor switches for 1987 Ford Mustangs and are now obsolete.They also discontinued the EGR tube for the 2.3 engine in the Rangers which is also obsolete.GM did it too,one molding piece for Park Avenues are now obsolete.There is one Chrysler car which was...
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    IR vs. Snap-On Cordless Impact

    My father's friend Rich has an IR109xp and has been a piece of junk since day and it stays in the toolbox.My father has one too at home and is not impressed with it at all.His bluepoint out performs it.I paid $87.50 for having my FAR72B rebuilt.
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    Burger King Dress Code in Mo

    I heard about it yesterday on Bob and Tom,a very good radio show.
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    IR vs. Snap-On Cordless Impact

    I will never buy buy an IR air ratchet,junk!THE IR 109XP is a piece of junk.I only trust Snap On's 3/8" drive air ratchets which will take your hand off if not careful and more powerful.Plus they are rebuildable getting them back in a couple weeks just like new.Have a couple 1/4" IR air ratchets...
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    automotive aftermarket parts future

    Some new parts are cheaper than used and better off buying the new part instead of buying the used part.Fenders,headlights,fan shrouds and side mirriors assemblies are this way.
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    automotive aftermarket parts future

    Some aftermarket parts do not fit very well and the dealer parts fit better.Some heater cores are this way,the aftermarket heater cores do not fit right in the hole.For body parts,non capa parts fit in a whole lot better with no modifications than capa parts.Most of the aftermarket parts are...
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    Questions about alignments

    Some places will screw you and get a second opinion for a suspension part check is one place in my area that loves telling customers that they need their ball joints replaced and there is nothing wrong with them.I have seen some [censored] ones,parts that need replaced and there is...
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    Crown Royal is another good one,it is not cheap and a bottle of this cost starting at $25.00 and up.The highest price of Crown Royal I seen was $85.00 and it was the biggest bottle of their select.My parent were somewhere in Tennnesse for thier 30th wedding anniversary last year and my father...
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    Let's talk beer!

    I will drink Budweiser and Bud Light once in a while.I know a former owner of a Harley Dealership that is a big time Coors Beer drinker,he stocks it up to his ceiling.The cheapest price I paid for a beer at a bar is at the American Legion, $1.75 for a bottle.I am a member of the Sons of American...
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    Harsh shifts in 2004 Impala 3.4L

    Sonnex does sell an updated pressure control solenoid.AutoZone uses a code reader which only read codes.Any aftermarket including the Snap On Modis can read the transmission codes.
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    Harsh shifts in 2004 Impala 3.4L

    Does the service engine soon light come on?Get it scanned for codes and one known code,1811 will probally come up
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    97 olds bravada question

    Check the slides if they are froze right up and this is a common problem in Jimmys,Blazers including the Bravadas.If the slides are froze up badly and will not come out,get a loaded caliper for each side.